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Iran China investors bluntly "too careful" look forward to more Chinese Enterprises – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, September 8 (Miu Lu Wang Zitao) "before the company’s business in Iran, is the export container, port handling equipment, is currently considering restructuring, with funds, technology to go to Iran, or in cooperation with local the company, in the transfer of production capacity to do some attempt." Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) Limited by Share Ltd Port Machinery Management Department Deputy General Manager Chen Kai said. In 8, held in Shanghai, China Silk Road Economic and trade and investment conference, Chen Kai told the China News Agency reporters in detail about the future investment plan in Iran. Compared with Chen Kai to Iran chamber of Commerce China – Shanghai President H.N.Safari thinks China investors to invest in Iran road "goes too careful". Mention Iran, people will associate the fine and elegant Persian carpet, new Cyrus and gorgeous painting…… As an important stop on the ancient Silk Road connecting China and Europe, Iran is an old friend of china. When the western countries imposed economic sanctions against Iran, the economic and trade cooperation between China and Africa was not increased. Iran finance minister Taib Nia (Tayebniya) in Beijing in August 17th the "The Belt and Road" Iran Investment Forum "Chinese mentioned, and Iran non energy trade in 2005 was only 2 billion 900 million US dollars, but at the end of 2015 to $18 billion 600 million." Due to the north in Iran close to the Caspian Sea, South by the unique geographical advantage of the Persian Gulf and the sea of Arabia, so many investors come in a throng. But H.N.Safari told reporters in an interview with Xinhua news agency said that the pace of investment in China’s enterprises in Iran need to accelerate, otherwise it may miss the cost, policy, etc.. According to its introduction, in 2015 a total of 37 small and medium enterprises in China to the Iran Free Trade Zone registered companies, while European companies have a total of 160. In January this year, Chinese and Iran jointly study and formulate a comprehensive cooperation agreement between the two countries 25 years, Iran Commercial Counsellor Ali? Degani (Dehghani) believes that although the development of trade in recent years, the overall upward trend, but the growth rate than the actual capacity of both parties and the expansion of the trade relationship needs much lower. Degani said, Ali? Iran and Chinese cooperation is not limited to the fields of industrial production, trade, petroleum, natural gas, new energy, infrastructure, science and technology cooperation and culture, should be developed. Iran and China’s economy can play a complementary role, China’s sustained economic growth requires energy suppliers, Iran as an energy superpower, can become a priority to meet the needs of china. Consul General of Iran Aliruizha? Yiwashen (Alireza Irvash) also expect, with the development of China "The Belt and Road construction, hope that in the future there will be more China enterprises to invest in Iran. (end)相关的主题文章: