It is not just Ford Trump’s trade policy that threatens the public and TOYOTA pppd-175

Not only will the threat of Ford Trump’s trade policy to Volkswagen and TOYOTA automobile Tencent news Beijing on November 10th news, according to Bloomberg, Ford automobile company is a target for Trump’s love of the attack, in the presidential election process, he was unexpectedly attacked Ford will choose in the south of the border (Mexico) production car. Toyota Auto Body Co, Volkswagen and other U.S. automakers are not immune. TOYOTA and Nissan, the two biggest carmakers in Japan, have been criticised by Mr Trump during his campaign. Both GM and VW rely on Mexico’s factories that can produce millions of cars and a large number of parts. If the new president to honor his words, which is threatening to target across the Rio Grande River (located between Mexico and the United States) the assembly activities impose high taxes, so GM and Volkswagen will be in danger. University of Duisburg Essen Center for Automotive Research Director Dudenhoeffer (Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer) said: "Trump may also set up trade barriers, therefore set up factories in the United States automakers will be victorious. On the contrary as the treasure of the new automobile industry, Mexico may encounter attack." Since 2010, 9 global automakers, including general motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler, have announced more than $24 billion in investment in Mexico. In addition to the public of the Audi brand, BMW and Daimler are or plan in this low cost countries assembled luxury cars, engines or heavy trucks, Trump said, this is built on the sacrifice of his support for the interests of American voters. According to the state of Michigan, Ann Arbor, the center for automotive research, automobile production in Mexico over ten years more than two times, from the 2 million growth to 5 million vehicles. As the Republican candidate and real estate developers double identity of Trump, in the campaign against Ford in the threat of the United States Tariff to all cars levied 35% of Mexico production and which he attracted headlines concern, he said, Ford’s new plant in Mexico plan is "an absolute disgrace". Royal Bank of Canada analyst Spaak (Joe Spak), said: tax will push up car prices, and hit demand." Grimes, an economist at the University of Michigan, employment and Economic Research Institute (Donald Grimes) said that if Trump decided to terminate the trade agreement, and the use of anti-dumping rules to other countries widely to levy tariffs, it will trigger a global trade war "". For example, he said, the North American Free Trade Agreement is only six months in advance to terminate the notice of Canada and Mexico, there is no particular need to be approved by the president to do so. He said: "these countries will retaliate. Consumers will pay a substantial price increase. Then the Fed will choose to raise interest rates. This is disgusting." In spite of this threat, American automakers and the UAW have thrown an olive branch to the newly elected president. Ford said in a statement: "we agree with what Trump said"相关的主题文章: