Jacob Spangler, Jacksonville Artist, Skyrockets The Local Charts With Debut Album, feel Again! -liuxiaobo

Music The album, Feel Again, is a full-length work with 12 original songs from Jacob, each providing a .bination of high energy rock/pop guitar and piano, heartfelt lyrics, tightly wound vocals and harmonies, with solid drum and bass foundation that literally move you. After months of preparation this debut album marks a huge leap forward in the career of this multi-talented singer-songwriter. Jacob, who lives in Jacksonville, FL, has seen this new release literally explode on the local music scene, skyrocketing his local chart ranking on reverbnation from #97 to #10 in only two weeks! The album was recorded in his home studio. You should also know that he has studied guitar and music for the past 9 years in art specialized middle and high schools, and as a student at Stetson University with a scholarship in classical performance guitar and music. A wide variety of influences are revealed in the music of Feel Again. Having grown up in a Christian home, he has been exposed to contemporary Christian music over the years, and has been influenced greatly by Stephen Curtis Chapman. However, his tastes are much broader than that and he attributes his style to a variety of artists including Taking Back Sunday, The Fray, and Brand New. Actually, he also admits to enjoying a little classical orchestra music every now and then too. For booking or other information, contact Jerry at 904-233-2452 or [email protected] You can also find Jacob Spangler on Facebook, Twitter, & ReverbNation. His music can be purchased at iTunes and CDBaby. About: Jacob Spangler is a singer/songwriter in Jacksonville, FL. This gifted musician recently released a full length CD entitled, "Feel Again." This Rock/Pop work has skyrocketed into the top 10 on the ReverbNation local rock charts in only two weeks since its’ arrival. At age 19, Jacob has studied music and guitar for 9 years as a student in middle and high school art specialty schools, and at Stetson University on a guitar/music scholarship. While he plays multiple instruments, his love is guitar and he has focused on classical guitar for 7 years. His music has obviously been influenced by his classical studies, but his musical tastes are much broader than that, also enjoys the sounds of Stephen Curtis Chapman, The Fray, Taking Back Sunday, and Brand New. This entire work was recorded in his home studio, where he has written the music and lyrics, played every instrument, sung all the vocals, recorded, mixed and produced every song except one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: