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Jerry Yan Ken Chu Vanness Wu photo exposure F4 3 people have been married – Beijing, Beijing, September 8, according to Taiwan "China times news, Ken Chu and Han Wenwen recently held in Bali Island Island Wedding, brother Vanness Wu with Jerry Yan unexpected appearance, surprise wedding, immersed in the joy of the wedding couple, their stay in Bali Island play yesterday, Ken Chu drying out the F3 photo, and wrote:" I did not live up to anyone". Ken Chu was married to Han Wenwen and sweet beauty, continue to enjoy two times, Ken Chu married in the first micro-blog voice, I wrote: "hurry back 18 years, or clear. Not to disappoint anybody, sorry but your youth, perceptual posting sparked heated debate, then wife sun loving reply: "who is not positive youth, although the time to go to swimming, hurry, don’t miss this beautiful sunset" message, full of love. In addition, Ken Chu also drying out the F3 photo, the three brothers of the lens can laugh, while Ken Chu is following the Vanness Wu, Zhou Yumin, third into the family members, the remaining Jerry Yan F4 single, also let a person look forward to hear the good news for Jerry Yan.相关的主题文章: