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Jia Jinglong: the case of the Supreme Court to respond to public concern according to the network open verdict, the recent hot Hebei villagers Jia Jinglong case can be briefly summarized as: the defendant Jia Jinglong house, due to the transformation of villages to the village demolition, and Jia Fuda became a relocation agreement, issued Jia resettlement housing and compensation. Jia Jinglong refused to accept the refused to move out of the village, was demolished director and Secretary He Jianhua organization personnel, and therefore with the He Jianhua Jia Jinglong feud, with a prepared nail gun, killing the victim He Jianhua, said the case against Fachan and the defense because there are no surrender. Court of first instance, the court sentenced the death penalty for intentional homicide, the Supreme Court has ruled that the death penalty. That is to say, in the case of the death penalty has been in force, only the president of the Supreme Court issued the command execution, execution of the delivery of the original court. If you look at the verdict, the director of the village committee for the villagers has proper placement of compensation, the villagers also went to kill the director of the village committee, the "residents", without any extenuating circumstances, sentenced to death, it is deserved, should not cause controversy. Because the 232nd provisions of the criminal law clearly states: intentional homicide, death penalty, life imprisonment or imprisonment for more than 10 years; the circumstances are relatively minor, more than 3 years of fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years." Here is the preferred death penalty, in the "criminal law" 46 kinds of ownership capital crime is the only kind of situation, fit people "Sharenchangming" simple concept. However, in this case the public defense especially after public opinion, the death penalty case not only did not produce "cheerful" social effect, it has caused great sympathy and rebound of public opinion, "spare the life" the voice is quite high, and many domestic well-known jurist also wrote behind, said Jia Jinglong sin not unto death. What is the court of intentional defense concept that is too extreme care for this and lose that argument;? Before the court came out, the public seemed more willing to believe the former. We look at the serious impact of two major factors that cause the case of sentencing, and the identification of surrender, analysis and a little. First of all, the cause of the case, judgment that the village relocation agreement, compensation and resettlement, which exclude the two proposed "illegal demolitions". Defend opinions, Jia father in water and electricity, stop all kinds of social security threat signature; agreement itself is full of "all in the buildings within the village, I must be in accordance with the formulation of the village demolition and renovation scheme provisions", "all I do not support the transformation of old villages and the relevant provisions the consequences", "Party (Village) Party B has the right to terminate all collective benefits, and the future is no longer a replacement, Party A shall have the right to dismiss Party B in the collective arrangements within the scope of the work" a series of unilateral overlord content; is a "three storey building into a suite of protocols previously". These cases are referred to in accordance with the defense opinion, which can be revoked in accordance with the law because of the existence of "coercion" and "obvious unfairness". In accordance with the provisions of the local government, the transformation of the village, should be approved by the general assembly of the villagers, the district government to review the consent of the City Management Office approved the demolition and renovation of the City Village Office相关的主题文章: