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Jiangsu, a deputy director of the city before the death of suicide was repeatedly criticized the advanced September 21st at 8:30 in the morning, Dai Wei, as usual to the Urban Management Bureau to work. Half an hour later, he jumped from the office building of 6 storeys, because she died. Surging news () was informed that from multiple interviews in January this year, deputy director Dai Weigang was transferred from the Taizhou City Administration Bureau deputy brigade commander Hailing to hailing branch. According to a number of Dai Wei friends said Dai Wei is very good, humble integrity, good work dedication, the family is also very happy, can not think how to commit suicide". Dai Wei worked with Li Qiang for many years (a pseudonym) told surging news, after which Dai Wei has repeatedly confided to him, the work is not good to do, simply can not manage the hands." Another claim to know the Davis vendors aunt said, he had put stall in Qingnian Road, often met with law enforcement to come to, the good of others, never lost his temper, always smiled and push her away. Our vendors also listened to him." Dai Wei has repeatedly been rated as an advanced individual. In January just to Hailing Branch served as deputy director of 9 September 21st morning, Taizhou police received a report that someone jumped from the city Hailing District Urban Management Bureau, after the 120 arrived, sent him to hospital south of the Taizhou People’s Hospital, after she died. The evening of September 22nd 7 pm, surging news from the Taizhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Branch of Hailing city police station was informed that there are "Hailing District Urban Management Bureau Dai Wei jump Dutch act", and confirmed that it had died. Surging news found Dai Wei family, his wife said, do not want to be interviewed". The relevant appointment documents show that in January 22, 2016, Dai Weigang was transferred to the Taizhou City Administration Bureau deputy director hailing, one year’s probation. Prior to his post is Taizhou city management administrative law enforcement detachment Deputy brigade commander hailing. Surging news retrieval related government website found that David had repeatedly been rated as "advanced individual": 2012 Taizhou City Management Bureau of advanced individuals, 2013 year Taizhou City Management Bureau of outstanding communist party member, 2014 Taizhou City Management Bureau of advanced individuals, Taizhou city in 2014 to create a national civilized city of Taizhou city in 2014, outstanding individual contribution the "Ten City guards". "Good people", had confided transferred after "work is not good to do a great work and wearing a friend for many years, Li Qiang told the surging news, in January this year, David was transferred to the Hailing District Urban Management Bureau deputy director, when they talk together, David told him:" no good "complaint" do the work, people do not hand under the tube." "However, Dai Wei only occasionally say a few words, and then talk to the other, he will not complain." Li Qiang met with him for a long time, he is well aware of his character, "this man, has been very strong, what things do not carry their own, with the family said things work." According to Li Qiang, 40 year old Dai Wei, his wife in a school as a teacher, her daughter is in grade six, the family is still very happy." "Good man" is a number of people who know Dai Wei described to him. According to another Dai Wei colleagues Qin Hua (a pseudonym) also said that Dai Wei usually very good, very capable.相关的主题文章: