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Jiao Yang embark on a new stage of Fudan’s first female secretary is how to make? Sohu news [Abstract] women can play more and more space, can be used as a field of more and more. The key is whether women can seize the opportunity to play energy. Sometimes is not a leader does not pay attention to, the key is to speak with strength." The weekly Times reporter Xie Jiangshan from Shanghai in October 28th, Party Secretary of the Fudan University in Zhongshan University in Guangzhou Jiao Yang Huai Shi tang. As of 2016 the Fudan management foundation awards show, this time, Jiao Yang chose a dark blue T-shirt dressed straight skirt collocation of white coat, the smile on the face and 13 years ago as the Shanghai city "the first provincial government spokesman:" when the identical mature dry practice, decent and generous. At this point, Jiao Jiao as party secretary of Fudan University just over 16 days. In September 18th this year, the former Fudan University March 24th inauguration party secretary Wei Xiaopeng due to bribery case involving Liaoning, resigned from the twelfth Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress post — since then, outside the party secretary of the Fudan University for speculation has continued. The afternoon of October 12th, Fudan University Guanghua building Wu Wenzheng hall held a meeting of cadres of teachers, the meeting, the Central Organization Department cadre three Secretary Zhao Fan announced the "Wei Xiaopeng was removed from the party secretary of the Fudan University Office of the CPC Central Committee decided to appoint Jiao Yang took over". Jiao Yang became the first female secretary of the Party committee of Fudan University history, but also following Qin Shaode until 2011, and a background of Fudan University Department of journalism "alumni Secretary" — outside Jiao Yang’s became known as the "regression". "As an ordinary teacher, when Fudan party secretary told me who has almost nothing to do. But as a person I welcome to Fudan, Fudan University, "Fudan complex" leaders of fudan. Because I have Fudan proud tradition and style. This is conducive to inherit the tradition and leadership style and the promotion of fudan." Professor, Department of history, Fudan University, a famous Japanese expert Feng Wei Bo said. "She was graduated from Fudan, long-term work in Shanghai, very understanding of all aspects of the situation in Shanghai and fudan. Jiao Yang’s role, help her communicate with the Shanghai municipal government, more easily supported by the Shanghai municipal government." Guo Quanzhong, a senior economist at National School of Administration’s Department of social and cultural studies. When Zhu was mayor of Shanghai, I was a little director. He has criticized the "smart Shanghai people, poor, poor, long sleeved dance" has such a good stage, do not show the drama lies in the surge high and sweep forward, not open and not enough air, tolerance." Served as director of Shanghai press and Publication Bureau, Jiao Yang had made such a summary and reflection. Today, Fudan University offers her a better stage. "7913" from Fudan University Department of journalism of Fudan University official website shows that in October 14th, the first second days, Jiao Yang came to the administration building, Handan campus of Fudan University, Ye Yaozhen building, No. 1 building, 8 floor, No. 500 building, a visited more than and 20 functional offices, a detailed understanding of the department"相关的主题文章: