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Jilin Province Overseas Chinese Overseas Advisory Committee Lianpin please offer wisdom Northeast – Beijing Beijing Changchun on 23 September, (Guo Jia) the implementation of a new round of the revitalization of Northeast China in the beginning of the year China, Jilin Province Federation hired hundreds of consultants, members from 32 countries and regions, brainstorming for the revitalization of Jilin, the talent recruitment. 23 days, Jilin Province Overseas Chinese overseas (Hong Kong) please Lianpin adviser, member of the Federation of chamber of Commerce of Jilin province and the second congress held in Changchun. The conference hired 40 Jilin Province Federation of overseas consultants (Macau), 62 Jilin Province Federation of overseas (Hong Kong) committee. "Overseas consultants and members is an important force to carry out the levels of the Federation work overseas." CPPCC Standing Committee, vice chairman of Federation of Chinese consultants, China Federation of eighth Committee Wang Yongle said in his speech, I hope Jilin Province Federation of overseas consultants, members play vision, China Unicom and outside advantage, for a new round of Jilin open and contribute to the development of. Since 2016, Jilin province to the frequency of overseas Chinese dished out the "olive branch", have been held in the global Kyrgyzstan business conference and overseas Chinese Professionals Association and project matchmaking, hopes to build a good political and business atmosphere, to attract more overseas Chinese to invest, Societe generale. "Serviceseverywhere overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce has become an important force to promote the development of Jilin." Jilin Provincial Standing Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Jiang Zhiying said in 13th Five-Year in Jilin province "and" planning to start a new round of speeding up the revitalization of the critical period, from overseas consultants, members will inject new vigor and vitality to Jilin. The same day, Jilin Province Federation of chamber of commerce at the general assembly, the new president elect Gao Wei said, Jilin Province, as an old industrial base and the important commodity grain base, with unlimited business opportunities. He also called for the chamber of Commerce to actively participate in the Jilin capital, technology and intelligence activities for the Jilin open, innovation, reform and development suggestions. It is reported that the next two days, Jilin Province Federation will organize the Overseas Advisory Committee members went to Yanbian, and other places to carry out inspection activities. (end)相关的主题文章: