Ji’nan rail crossing R1 line through the Beijing Shanghai railway line through the train speed down easeljs

Ji’nan R1 rail line in the Beijing Shanghai railway line for nearly 10 days via train speed down the workers are installing segment reporter Guo Yao photo from a temperature of about 6 DEG C into the outdoor temperature of 22 DEG R1 rail line underground tunnel, a huge roar, the shield machine is about 4 cm per minute speed to the front driving slowly into the Beijing Shanghai railway line more than 10 meters deep underground. 11 am, R1 line from the ground under the wear is located in the vicinity of the benevolence of the Beijing Shanghai railway line, and will be completed within the next 10 days trip through the railway". In the meantime, the railway is not shut down, the train speed will be reduced to 45 kilometers per hour. The subway crossing Beijing Shanghai railway, Ji’nan for the first time on the morning of 11, North and South in the R1 line two tunnel in the south side of the tunnel, "open up a" Liu Chang Road on the south side of the shield machine in underground excavation slowly moved quickly into effect, Ren Li Zhuang area near the Beijing Shanghai railway line within the R1 line was officially opened "through the Beijing Shanghai railway journey". As Ji’nan’s first railway line opened, R1 line between Fu River Station and Wang Fu Zhuang station by the elevated section of underground section in jade. In the vicinity of Ren Li Zhuang, also to line between the two stations from the northbound to the east. In the process of heading to the East, the R1 line underground tunnel "encounter" near the Beijing Shanghai railway line, and began to wear the north-south railway line. While in the subway underground this trip through the railway, is the first time in Ji’nan. 4 cm per minute, within the next 10 days will be completed, "under the wear" Beijing Shanghai railway, the shield tunneling speed of about 4 cm per minute." In the roar of the R1 line underground tunnel, the fourteen Railway Bureau technician Du Hongliang loudly introduced to reporters. The shield machine every time advancing about 1.7 meters, will stop, so that the construction personnel for tunnel segment installation. Each ring width of 1.2 meters, conterminous. Du Hongliang introduced, the influence range of Beijing Shanghai railway line about 80 meters, that is to say, has begun to "R1 line of shield machine in the Beijing Shanghai railway line, just driving forward about 80 meters, this can be done through the Beijing Shanghai railway journey. And compared to the length, the number of construction workers more accustomed to using the ring segment installation described driving distance. "Almost then install the 70 segments, it is completely through the Beijing Shanghai railway, plans to complete 20 days." During the construction, via the train speed to 45 km walk for temporary plank hundreds of meters, out from the underground tunnel under the sun, a train roared along the Beijing Shanghai railway line. The reporter learned that, although the R1 tunnel has begun to "wear" in Ren Li Zhuang near the Beijing Shanghai railway line, but this section of the railway will not be shut down. "The train here, the speed down, down to 45 kilometers per hour, after this period, and then speed up." Du Hongliang said that from 11 onwards, the train through the region has been speed. Subway tunnel under the railway line, is a need to be very cautious about the technology". Fear of settlement." China Railway fourteen Bureau staff said, in order to cope with the possible settlement in the tunnel, etc., before the railway line,.相关的主题文章: