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Jingdong 11 double live for the first time, it turned out to be the most aspect of the Sohu of science and technology in 2016, a short video broadcast, with social marketing upgrade is standing at the top outlet, double eleven "became the outbreak of reticulocyte + live point. NetEase, Jingdong, Tmall, koala and the United States have resorted to "live" strokes for "double 11", "direct marketing" trend is monopoly at Thunder speed market. The electricity supplier giant cattle Tmall this year will once again upgrade up to 6 hours of entertainment, live performances, design in the guest program content, interactive experience and so on are more international, the "double 11" into an electric commercial conference gala. Mobile phone Jingdong "simple a little hard" 12 hour live show, let the brand, entertainment, business combination, single buy buy buy into a more contextualized entertainment activities, have no choice but to go to try interactive gameplay updates, it is in line with the current in this era of fragmentation. Live interaction and a stronger sense of participation, if Tmall double eleven party like a spring festival gala, then Jingdong would like to do a reality show, with interactive electricity supplier to create interactive live sales miracle. The history of the grand live, half of entertainment are to November 10th, long Swisse cooperation mobile phone Jingdong’s live show success fine, from eight a.m. to eight p.m., Liu Qiang East led more than 40 Star Cafe, in the mobile phone Jingdong opened 12 hours continuous star performances and Jingdong delivery will live show. "Double 11" to the climax. Although domestic stars live, but all of a sudden Laisishi, or hitherto unknown. Zhu Dan, Xie Nan, Zhang Dada, Li Xiang four star host throughout the audience, Fei Yuqing, Willber Pan, Angela Chang, Christine Fan, Zheng Jun, Chang Csun Yuk, Xu Wei, Khalil Fong, Wu Mochou and other strength to sing their turns, the son of Guo Degang Guo Qilin ‘comic performances, happy twist of Alan and also let Errenzhuan laughter. Jingdong 24 hour live show in the whole star enabled star effect at the same time, also established a scene of consumption patterns while playing buy: stars and fans interact in real time and share experience, to guide the user to chop the hand while watching the play while you buy. In the 12 hour live show in the Jingdong, which has 24 coffee star and four star host open 12 hours of uninterrupted live interactive experience, more than 12 big stars to deliver. From the beginning of November 10th, I and Li Chengdong and other dozens of Jingdong, since the media V will be in the circle of friends for collective voice campaign, played a very good warm-up contrast effect, which is also used as a super brand, Jingdong partners exclusive media resources. Users to watch live in seckill activities, gymnastics Prince Chen Yibing, talk show host Wang Zijian, the girl group SNH48, the famous football commentator Liu Jianhong and other 12 large coffee will be the first time delivery for the lucky viewers, it is too nice. "Double 11" live entertainment trend of war highlighted the Jingdong 24 hours of uninterrupted brand exposure, users touch up the broadcast, ushered in a new double play eleven, user interaction, participation and previous star depth, the feeling is completely different. .相关的主题文章: