Joint -2016 military exercises the Russian naval ships arrived in Zhanjiang (Figure) – Military –

"Joint -2016" military exercises the Russian naval ships arrived in Zhanjiang (Figure) – Military – September 12 Zhanjiang Xinhua (reporter Weng Qiyu) 12 morning, the Russian naval vessels participating in the Sino Russian joint maritime -2016 Lianyan arrived in Zhanjiang a military port, exercises general director, deputy commander of the Navy Wang Hai will China and the Russian Navy deputy commander lieutenant general Fido Gannenk J, director of the Department, as well as exercise command staff and representatives Chinese naval officers and soldiers to the dock to meet. The Navy held a grand welcome ceremony at the pier, the military band played the National Anthem of China and russia. 7 pm, the Russian naval fleet approaching port, airing 21 gun salute salute, then China Navy airing 21 gun salute salute. 8 pm, the Russian Navy Admiral Terry boots "destroyer slowly by Zhanjiang port, major general Coolidge Binhai District of the Russian navy fleet commander and Admiral Terry boots" destroyer Captain Major Kerr Pasi C walked down the ramp to the joint exercise director report team arrived in 2 Chinese children to Coolidge the general and major Kerr Pasi C. Russian naval officers and men Wang Hai on behalf of naval commander Wu Shengli, political commissar Miao Hua has always been in China to express my sincere greetings and warm welcome. He said in his speech, this year coincided with the 15 anniversary of the signing of the Sino Russian Treaty of good neighborliness, friendship and cooperation, the establishment of Sino Russian strategic partnership of cooperation for 20 years. The Russian armed forces continue to deepen pragmatic cooperation and friendly navies of 6 organizations "for nearly 5 years at Sea joint military exercises, China for two consecutive years in Russia hosted the" international military competition, exchanges and cooperation in the field continue to expand, steadily enhance the capacity for joint action. The exercise of both officers and soldiers will further promote the contents of the exercises, combat command implementation standardization, organization and coordination, to further enhance the ability to respond to common security threats. I hope the two officers and soldiers in the next 8 days of practice, close cooperation, mutual learning, deepen friendship, in a new starting point to promote the development of bilateral relations. Fido Gannenk J expressed his gratitude to the Chinese Navy for the effective preparation of the joint action. In the previous joint exercises, both officers and soldiers close cooperation, effective coordination, jointly completed the exercise task, believe that prior experience and friendship on the basis of China Russia joint maritime -2016 joint exercise will be a complete success. I believe that China and Russia to strengthen cooperation and close cooperation, the ability to jointly deal with maritime security threats. The exercise of Russian troops participating in the exercise, including 5 surface ships, respectively "admiral Terry boots" destroyer, "admiral Vinogradov" destroyer, "perre Linthwaite" landing ship "alatao" and "tug Pechenga" vessel, and 2 helicopters, NAVAL SHIPBOARD Marines and amphibious armored equipment. Chinese troops participating include missile destroyer Guangzhou, Zhengzhou ship missile frigate Daqing ship, Mount Huangshan ship, Sanya ship landing ship, Kunlun Mountains ship, ship Yunwu Mountain, Junshan Lake supply ship ship and submarine, fixed wing aircraft, helicopter, Marines and amphibious armored equipment. Share to: (Zhang Yuke, the commissioning editor: Qiu)相关的主题文章: