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Jubilee Pavilion science. Newborn babies have amazing potential to learn – Sohu baby mom and dad know? Newborn babies from the date of birth has the initiative to explore the potential of the outside world, but also has a very amazing response and learning ability oh. The baby came to this world soon, will see the light turned light, heard a loud noise voice would be crying when the nipple contact reaction; his lips sucking mouth. These are natural instincts, a reflection of the outside world. In order to survive, the baby must also learn to adapt to new life skills, so he has no conditions in the reflection on the basis of his life began to take the initiative to explore the small world, in contact with all sorts of things, feel all kinds of stimulation, establish new conditioned reflex and repeat, constantly in the process of strengthening. Whenever the baby cry when someone picked him, in the course of time, he learned to hold people cry; hear adults issued a "hush" sound will see the bottle to nurse micturition; know and so on ~ baby’s learning potential is great, the key lies in some reaction to mom and dad can not ignore the baby daily show, and to pay attention to the timely and positive response, in order to avoid the potential ability to limit the development of baby inadvertently. What are the potential ability of the baby? Visual newborn babies are very sensitive to light stimulation. Will respond to changes in brightness of light, such as eyes turned on the light, he will react. Born three weeks or so, the baby will learn to look at objects in the field of vision, and follow the object line of sight. Known as the window of wisdom, the eye can get 80% of the outside information, give full play to the potential of this area, will be conducive to intellectual development. Hearing of newborns born to respond to sound. Someone had just 24 hours of birth neonatal test: a crying newborn rattle, he immediately calmed down, eyes open. This shows that newborns can listen to the sound. Three to four days later, the baby can gradually learn to distinguish between different voices. After the full moon, the baby can concentrate on the sound, and when they hear their parents talk, stop crying and expect their parents to appear in front of him. Some parents think the baby easy to wake, afraid of sound, the room was quiet in perfect silence, adults and even walking on tiptoe so that it affected children auditory cell development and auditory function improvement. In fact, the day should give the baby a number of opportunities to listen to the sound, can sometimes listen to music, talk and laugh, sometimes quiet rest, sometimes singing games, make the baby feel the sound change from time to time, have the opportunity to listen to voices, thus speeding up the development of the ability to listen to him. Sense of touch newborn babies are developed. He is particularly sensitive to cold and hot stimulation, such as milk and hot water bath reaction. The baby is generally through the mouth and hand to touch the perception of external stimuli, early infant touch has a great relationship with the development degree of dexterous hand grew up feeling. However, parents often do not attach importance to this issue, some parents.相关的主题文章: