June was a stop training, card degaussing… Ning Zetao said to see the ugly human nature-nrf905

June was a stop training, card degaussing… Ning Zetao said that "the ugly humanity" today the August Rio Olympics, the swimming team of little meat Ning Zetao, in the men’s 100 meter freestyle semifinal, with 48 seconds 37 results ranked sixth in the group, the total ranked twelfth, missed the final. In the men’s 50 metres freestyle event, with 22 seconds 38 results ranked fifth in the group, semi-final exit. Off the field is a thousand fans shouted national husband, male god, even foreign friends are his fans, the venue is in stark contrast with Sun Yang and other embarrassing results of the… From the blockbuster 2015 World Championships in Kazan, to suffer a big 2016 Olympic Games, after the Olympic Games in Rio Ning Zetao questioned the whirlpool. People are wondering what happened to him? On the evening of November 7th, CCTV5 "sports world" for Ning Zetao to do a special topic of the characters, the first time publicly about his own in the preparation for the Olympic Games in the course of all kinds of injustice suffered by the experience of the Ning Zetao. November 9th, Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the General Administration of Sport Training Bureau of some of the claims, and Ning Zetao broke the news there are many sources, doubt… Little sister (Phoenix gossip micro signal: entifengvip) for everyone to compare the two party view. No matter what the truth is, Ning Zetao left the national team is a foregone conclusion, it is difficult to see him swimming in the pool. Stop training lost head coach, card degaussing, was asked to move out of the apartment in June this year in Australia during the training, Ning Zetao said he heard some rumors, he said drug detection things, he asked the head coach, said no problem. In Australia, Ning Zetao received a total of three times during the flight tests and blood tests, no problem. At the end of the training, the swimming center suddenly let he suspended the national team training camp, home standby, let his training in the semi standstill. He returned to China in June 19th after events first card degaussing is emerge in an endless stream, and then were asked to move out of the apartment. Head coach Ye Jin no longer appeared in the pool, and then there was a massive media broke the insider. In order to solve the food problem, Ning Zetao said that he had to borrow before has left the team card. The apartment manager asked him to move out within three days. The media player is not paid for the use of the card: according to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned of the situation, bureau of General Administration of sports training in the training of athletes, eat after paying, that is to say as long as the hands of a card, after the end of the month to eat count, by the center according to statistics for their own players together to pay. As Ning Zetao said the country interrupted him in Australia training, swimming center gives the answer is "return is scheduled in June 19th, but did not approve of his delayed 10 days of temporary requirements are asked to change the project, the 100 meter swim 200 meters Zetao Ning is still" the sports world "in an interview mentioned to him as the 4× swimming center the 200 meter freestyle relay members; impact the Olympic qualification, and said this is" ridiculous ". In the documentary, Ye Jin also admitted that this requirement is unreasonable, because Ning Zetao’s physical fitness is not suitable for swimming 200 meters. Media: only temporary changes in the project, does not affect the Olympic Games, Beijing Youth Daily reported!相关的主题文章: