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Kerry food development power industry training skills in the morning of September 22nd, pan love national skills Master Studio fourth disciples an apprentice ceremony was held in Chongqing. Positive response to "high skilled talents of national long-term planning (2010-2020)" and "Chongqing city in the long-term talent development program (2010-2020)" call, in accordance with the "Interim Measures" Chongqing senior technical experts studio management requirements, Pan Lian national skills Master Studio held an apprentice ceremony, participants reached more than 350 people. In the Chongqing Municipal Commerce Commission, Chongqing municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Chongqing municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, Chongqing City Federation of industry and Commerce and other leaders of the support and concern, the ceremony Shoutu on innovation, dedication, unity and dedication, hard work "as the theme, make full use of highly skilled experts with only passing the role of technology. Strive for the catering industry oriented training senior technical and management personnel, to promote the development of Chongqing City catering and accommodation industry to play a greater role in economic and social development in Chongqing, re write a new chapter. To this end, Chongqing City SME Development Research Association, Chongqing city Bimai farmhouse Industry Association Wang Jingquan, Chongqing Cuisine Association President Wang Shunhai, Chongqing City Food Industry Association Liu Ying, Chongqing city Hot pot Association Li Dejian, Zhao Guohua, Dean of the College of food science Southwestern University Chongqing city occupation skill identification and director Zhang Honggang, Chongqing City Federation of industry and Commerce inspector Gu bin, Chongqing City Union vice chairman Yang Junbo, Chongqing municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau deputy director Zhou Yuan, Chongqing municipal Party Committee Organization Department Director Zhang Yide, Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce Deputy Director Liu Tian the guests will attend the meeting and delivered an important speech. Kerry food development unveiled this activity, as a member of the food industry, not only to provide quality, safety and health of grain and oil products for consumers. With the continuous enrichment of products, from the traditional rice flour, vegetable oil products, and now has been expanded to hot pot special oil, hot pot oil dish and other professional products to meet the needs of more consumers. In addition, Kerry food development but also on cultivating high skilled talents and set up in Yangzhou University cooking, Jinlongyu International Culinary Institute, cultivate high-end talent for cooking, cooking and continuous efforts. At this time an apprentice ceremony, but also by the studio master disciple Chen Bo Yang Song, Ceng Qingbo, wonderful stunts. "The scent of chongqing cuisine, ingenuity and spread all over the world, pan love master successive Shoutu, let all the love delicacy workers not forget the early heart, inheriting the artisan spirit, promote the delicacy and culture, the characteristic industry of the depth of integration, is undoubtedly a new" delicacy revolution ", while Pan Lian is master. This is to promote the" revolution ".相关的主题文章: