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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews This is a laptop with the latest technology designed especially for the little ones. Learning English in this laptop will be a lot more interesting for all those kids who hate to open their school notebooks and textbooks. This electronic notebook lets your little ones to learn as they play with it. This is easier as they will be interested in playing and studies can be done without any stress. This is an English teaching toy that is designed like a laptop. It has an inbuilt LCD screen and sound instructions along with a key pad and a unique mouse control. The entire unit is battery operated. The laptop is an innovative way for your children to learn alphabets. This laptop has features that help your children easily recognize and pronounce alphabets. Your children can also learn to write both capital and small letters. The laptop will speak out the letter that the child will have to type from the keyboard. Thus this innovative method will call for action by the kids. If you think that the laptop is a very basic one that has the ability only to teach alphabets then wait? This piece of innovation is also capable of teaching your little ones some words. It teaches your child spellings, pronunciations. And at the end it also has spelling tests to cross check how well a teacher it was. Besides the laptop also teaches the kid to find different pictures on the kids laptop and the different words. No the model is not strictly alphabetic. It also has techniques and processes to teach your children numbers. It teaches your kid to pronounce and spell numbers. The kids are also taught to write numbers. And finally the child is also taught number identification both verbal and visual. If you think this model will make your child genius in his studies you are wrong. It will make your child a genius even in music. No matter how innovative the learning techniques are, they will tend to be boring if your child doesn’t find another option or gateway to enjoy. This model also teaches your kids different musical notes. Your child can play melodies and will also learn to play musical notes. Over and above your child will also learn to recognize musical notes both visual and verbal. And when your child is tired of learning, there are other games that will flex your child’s intellect and the response time. The games include? Catch the falling objects, find the match pair, star shooting, and draw a picture. Psychology proves that children while growing up want to explore things and take want to do all that their parents do. They want to grow up faster and want to outdo their parents. This .es as an angel in disguise for all those parents who spend more time trying to keep their child away from their PC as they do their work. Note: This model requires 4AA Size Batteries that are not included in the set. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: