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Weight-Loss Kirstie Alley, David Letterman and Obesity Although best known for her role in the TV sit. Cheers and more recently on Dancing with the Stars, Kirstie Alley gave one of her best performances as a guest last night on the David Letterman show. A newly svelte Kirstie took the opportunity to get some revenge on Letterman for all of the fat jokes hes told about her over the past few years when she was dealing with a weight problem. Shrinking Kirstie said shes lost 90 lbs. and went from a size 14 to a stretchy size 6. Letterman of course abstained from a jab about just how stretchy that number appeared to be according viewers. Although Kirsties revenge appearance was all tongue-in-cheek, things got dicey when she pulled the .plete list of Lettermans jokes out of her bra and recited a couple reminding Letterman about the cruel jabs hes made about her on the show. She started with, Kirstie Alley joining Dancing with the Stars. If you dont already own one, now might be a good time to get a wide screen TV. Letterman reminded her that he had asked for her approval for the jokes, and since she had given him permission, he went with it, but Kirstie reminded him, I said its okay, so that was like go ahead and tell 50 of them? The Dancing with the Stars cha-cha contestant previously played Rebecca Howe from 1987 1993 on Cheers opposite Ted Danson and earned herself an Emmy and a Golden Globe Award as Outstanding Lead Actress in a .edy series in 1991. In the years that followed the sit., Alley struggled with ballooning weight and became a poster child of sorts for the obesity problem in America. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 34 percent of adults age 20 and older are obese, and the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery estimates that around 220,000 obese Americans underwent bariatric surgery last year. Over 25 percent of adults over 50 are considered obese. Excess weight can impair a seniors quality of life by placing undue stress on the joints, heart, and spine and aggravating hypertension, diabetes or other health conditions. As persons age, calorie needs decline. Metabolism can decrease by up to 30 percent over the course of a lifetime. A decrease in calories or an increase in activity is needed to counteract the decline in metabolism. Unfortunately, most seniors dont do this. Most people continue to eat like they always have and be.e less physically active as they be.e older. When the body ages, body fat increases and muscle mass declines. Although fewer calories are needed, nutrient requirements remain constant. Its important for senior citizens to eat fewer calorie rich foods such as sweets, high fat snack and fried foods and replace them with more nutrient-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are much lower in calories and they contain more nutrients such as vitamins and minerals needed by the body. These nutrients help to protect the body against chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. In 2010, Alley launched her own semi-scripted reality show, Kirstie Alley’s Big Life. The show portrayed the story of her losing the weight she had gained back after her Jenny Craig campaign. In March 2010 Alley launched .anic Liaison, the first USDA-certified .anic weight loss product. Since starting the program in January, she had lost 20 pounds. In September, she reported a weight loss of over 50 pounds, Tweeting a photo of herself as proof and noting, "30 more to go! In February this year, Alley was announced as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and won the second highest score of the evening while doing the cha-cha with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: