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Know these things, scrap the old motor vehicle is much simpler! Sohu – car everything has Shenglaobingsi, human or animal and plant gradual increase with age, body function decline, until the end of life. The same is true of the car, as a machine, the various parts of the car has its own life cycle, due to the loss of accidents or daily use also had to face the end of the car health. No accident factors, some old second-hand car more easily close to retirement. Once the scrapped standards, the owners can only prepare for the things behind. The first car to do "white matter" I do not know where to start? Never mind, listen to you talk over small mushrooms. Do "white matter" of course refers to the old vehicles scrapped. There are three kinds of ways to scrap, one is scrapped online, a way to go to the site to deal with scrap, one is to find the third party recycling center. No matter what form you use, the basic processes are similar. In the scrapped vehicles, be sure to pay fines and other matters, or can not be successfully completed scrapped. Here we take a look at a set of complete scrap process should be what kind of. The first step to prepare the material scrap process owners must scrap demand, prepared in advance of the motor vehicle registration certificate (original and photocopy), driving license (original and photocopy), ID card (original and photocopy). This is the need to apply for scrap. The second step is to make an appointment to recall the center of the phone or online booking old motor vehicle recycling center, and carry the documents ready to go back to the old motor vehicle recycling center for business. As for scrapped vehicles, the owner can drive to their own, if the vehicle has not been able to travel to the center to apply for a trailer service, trailer costs will be calculated based on the actual mileage. The third step to submit all the relevant formalities formalities owners also need to fill out the "motor vehicle stop, re driving application for cancellation of registration form", the legitimacy of the recycling center will send staff to verify the identity of the vehicle and the formalities. After the completion of all, the vehicle will be checked into storage waiting for scrap. Owners in the body can also be entrusted to agents, but the need to submit a proxy motor vehicle business power of attorney. If the motor vehicle registration certificate or the loss of travel needs to fill in the application form of motor vehicle license plate. The fourth step is to collect all the procedures for the recovery of scrapped vehicles to complete the inspection, the completion of the vehicle inspection, the owners need to settle the relevant costs, recycling center will be issued for you scrap car recycling certificate. The owner of the work basically completed, only need to wait in the recycling center to send you the "XX Municipal Traffic Management Bureau will cancel the vehicle registration book", scrap car salvage can. The fifth step is to get rid of old vehicles scrapped subsidies after the completion of the work you can apply for compensation for scrap. You need to go back to the old motor vehicle recycling network to fill out a "old car scrapped subsidies to update the application form" (conditional can apply online). At the same time to prepare the following documents; 1, "scrap car recycling certificate" (triple) original; 2, scrapped vehicle mobility a相关的主题文章: