Knowledge eight strokes teach you to buy the overall bathroom winavi video converter

Knowledge: eight strokes to teach you to buy the whole bathroom? Bathroom to buy a great trick, how can I choose to make you satisfied with the overall integrity of the bathroom? Look at this issue Xiaobian for you to sort out the skills of the 8 strokes. The first step: the amount of. Measure the size and decoration of the bathroom area. The second step: think. First, should think of ancillary products, components, set of accessories products, should be in the same file?? level, supporting the product style, color must match the bathroom decoration style, so beautiful and harmonious. The third step: the election. Select the appropriate size of the bathroom, to determine the toilet drainage, installation size and other bathroom products and bathroom size, style is consistent. The fourth step: see. Choice in strong light, carefully observed from the side surface of the reflective surface of sanitary products, have little or no voids and pits as well; indicators of high brightness products using high quality glazed materials and very good glazing process, the reflection of light is good, and good visual effect. The fifth step: touch. Hand can be gently rubbed on the surface, the feeling is very smooth and delicate as well; you can also touch the back, feeling a "rustle" of a fine sense of friction. The sixth step: listen. A hand percussion ceramic surface, general good ceramic material by knock voice is more clear, when there is a hoarse voice, there may be cracks. Seventh step: ratio. Mainly in the water absorption rate, the lower the water absorption, the better. Ceramic products have certain adsorption ability to penetrate the water, if the water is sucked into the ceramic, would produce a certain expansion, easy to make glazed ceramic surface for expansion and cracking; especially for the toilet, if bibulous rate is high, it is very easy to dirt and odor in water inhalation ceramics, a long time will not produce odor the removal of. The eighth step: recognition. Recognize the brand, service, recognize water. At present, sanitary ware through water-saving certification, but also the national famous brand products, consumers can rest assured to buy. At the same time, there are some requirements for the installation of the toilet seat.相关的主题文章: