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Hardware One of the major laptop faults that take place regularly is the broken laptop motherboard repair service. Most of the times when you take this problem to repair you are informed that mother board is to be replaced. However this is not true. The most significant article to keep in mind is that customers are not supposed to restore the motherboard if the power connector is unoperational. The laptop only works while you put the power cord in a particular direction. Also the laptop does not charge the battery or the laptop toggles from AC power to battery power occasionally and also the laptop shuts off without warning and sometime sparks the .es out of the laptop.. This is a very small fault and be removed easily. We make your laptop functioning properly by replacing a DC power socket. It is one of our featured services for our customers. How this problem does arise? We answer it for you. It mostly goes out of order when for fairly some time you had to twist the plug around at different degrees to use up the system power or to charge the battery. It also goes faulty if the device goes through an accident by falling and landing on a dc power and laptop motherboard repair service plug that gets push and ultimately breaks the inner power jack connector of the laptop. On the whole, if the laptop battery stops charging, and you have to fight with the plug regularly to make it work then certainly there is a problem with the laptop motherboard repair service supply and it needs a repair. Now here is the time where our job starts. We offer a full time job as we take on you laptop. We open it, remove the faulty DC power socket and replace it with the new part with the mother board and put together the laptop back. We also test it out to grantee our work and make 100% sure that everything is in order before we return your laptop. We are full time available for laptop repair south London. We offer affordable service to all and sundry. We also adopt no fix no charge policy. If we are unable to serve you with the repair we do not charge you with anything. We are at your service 24/7 throughout the year. You can call us or can reach us through inter.. We respond immediately at your call.We have hired the most skilled and qualified technicians for laptop repair south London. Our experts are specialized for the repair of ALL the brands including DELL, TOSIBA, ACER and others. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: