Lenovo mobile phone business coaching Qiao Jian took over, Chen Xudong is no longer responsible govos

Lenovo mobile phone business coaching: Qiao Jian took over, Chen Xudong is no longer responsible for Phoenix Francisco November 3rd message, and earlier rumors, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing said today in the company letter, senior vice president of Lenovo Group, the original mobile business group (MBG) Co President Chen Xudong will be responsible for Lenovo Global services. Lenovo MBG business will be senior vice president of Lenovo Group, Qiao Jian, responsible for Lenovo’s senior vice president of global services, Wang Xiaoyan retired, the service business will be taken over by the president of the United States, Mr. Chen Xudong. Lenovo mobile phone ushered in the great changes Qiao Jian joined the Lenovo Group after graduation in 1990, Lenovo has nine years of experience in marketing and brand promotion. As a female manager, Qiao Jian began in 2007 to set up a global organization to help women in the development of Lenovo, Lenovo’s female leadership".                       Chen Xudong joined Lenovo in 1993, served as regional sales manager, general manager of the northwest region, commercial marketing assistant general manager, general manager, general manager of Sales Department of Commerce, quality management department assistant president. (Yang Yuanqing is the internal Xin Yuanwen)     colleagues: today we released the FY16 second quarter earnings, but I first want to communicate with you is not the current performance, but the future. Over the past thirty years, we unite as one, work hard, work together to create a Lenovo business covering more than and 160 countries and regions of the international company, but also become a global leader in the field of personal computer. These achievements, not only because we have a strong execution based on the present moment, but also because we have a strategic focus on the future layout. Whether we expand the business boundaries to the field of mobile communications, or force the enterprise data center business, many years ago, we layout the future strategic decisions. In recent years, we have seen a "strategic opportunity equipment + cloud field, blew into the next generation of intelligent Internet and artificial intelligence of the horn, this is our strategic goal orientation of the next ten years, twenty years, and the user connected to the global world of imagination is Lenovo today and the future of the company mission. In short, Lenovo’s strategy is to "eat a bowl, look at the pot, planted in the field." The so-called "business" in the bowl of the association, is the personal computer business, we have become the leader of the market; in the pot "business" refers to the mobile and data center business, this is the new engine we are creating; "cloud + equipment" is the "field" of the business, is to build the core competitiveness a generation of smart devices and the future in the field of artificial intelligence. In the past, we only have PC business, we managed to become fully deserve the personal computer field of the most professional and excellent leaders; and now, our business is more diversified, not just rely on past experience, ability and talent, we need to attract more professionals to join, driving each new business growth as the new leader industry. So I’m tall!相关的主题文章: