Less than a week from the miracle concert star ID first exposure (video) winflash

From the XiaMen Railway Station miracle concert a week star ID first exposure began in 2015, star studded concert series, highly expect miracle concert in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou pace, after leaving the Miami, September 24th finally came to Xiamen, in Xiamen City Sports Center will bring a new wave of music for the climax of Xiamen Island, through the tour a year earlier this year and the preheating of Guangzhou Railway Station, miracle concert throughout the country has gained certain attention and response, and the cool dazzling stage, luxury band artist lineup also brought to the audience a wonderful performance. In September 24th, an unforgettable night miracle ten group dance artist super bound for Xiamen. Miracle concert at all to set off a frenzy to grab votes, in June last year, the miracle concert in ShangHai Railway Station, from the opening there are ten days, ticket sales hot almost sold out, the XiaMen Railway Station hot box office should not be underestimated. There are ten days away from the show, circle of friends, micro-blog has launched a comprehensive round of votes for the offensive, can be described as a hot anomaly! Artist ID took the lead in exposure at the same time, the performance of each group of guests in the performance before the rehearsal of the tension, in less than two weeks of rehearsal time to redouble our efforts to bring the best state to the scene. Before the show, artists cafes are also busy in regards to the video recording, say hello to the Xiamen audience. Luxury lineup, gorgeous stage will visit the Xiamen Sports Center, the show is not only reflected in the level of luxury lineup, the ten group of artists not only Kenji Wu, Yang Kun, Wu Bai, letter, the singer will sing the grasshopper, Laughing brother Michael Tse such a film star, more to the SNH48-BEJ48, Ba Sanyao Chinablue, the strength of this group portrait of joining. In the hardware, the stage effect and the team behind more is better, the use of today’s live performances of the most advanced lighting audio equipment and visual technology, only to create the effect of gorgeous concert stage atmosphere, showing a miracle city in Xiamen City Sports center! Color screen and LED with each other in the effect of different links and periods of different effects, for the audience to bring a wealth of audio-visual experience visual experience. Top audio equipment with colorful lights, the dream smoke nitrogen entertainment, link effects, will give the double shock bring vision and hearing in September 24th. [Time] September 24, 2016 booking channel 19:30 [Address] venue Xiamen Sports Center Stadium [Ticket] the tickets Infield:1280 1080880 Audience Area:680 480280180 stands [host unit] [M] hariken media total box office of Xiamen Sports Center opposite Simon Hongtai Center Building 3 layer 3 days culture ticket hotline: 400-610-3721 0592-5887838 48>相关的主题文章: