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Let the rural teachers become the backbone of the construction of rural social and cultural education — people.com.cn September 7th, coming in thirty-second on the eve of teachers’ day, the national rural teachers to promote the construction work will be held in Beijing, in recognition of the national teaching model and 30 years from rural teachers to teach, comrade Liu Yandong attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. The news came silently in front of the rural education teachers and educators are inspired by dance for joy. For a long time, the majority of rural teachers and rural schools three feet of the podium, has hundreds of millions of rural children education mission, they remain poor, dare to sacrifice, the courage to stick to their youth will be no regrets, selfless dedication to the rural education, they cultivate a group and a group of socialist builders and successors with the knowledge and wisdom of their own with solid support, the backbone of rural education in the sky, should be the strength of contribution to the educational cause of the motherland. However, because the invisible past two yuan in urban and rural areas system of rural teachers’ rejection, they have long been at the end of the social sequence, wages are not high, poor living conditions, social security is not in place, psychological pressure, occupation happiness is low, it is difficult to obtain the social universal respect. In recent years, through the implementation of national support plan of rural teachers, rural teachers generally enhance the wages, improve the social security policy, but due to the long stick to the rural education line of rural teachers is not enough publicity in place, some of the policies to be further implemented, the construction of rural teachers is still short board in rural compulsory education "". The honor of teachers is a kind of affirmation and praise of teachers and teachers in the country and society. "The national medium and long term education reform and development program (2010-2020)" put forward the state to make outstanding contributions to teachers and educators to establish the honorary title". June 2015, the State Council issued the "rural teacher support program (2015-2020)" proposed "the establishment of rural teachers honor system", and the establishment of a multi-level system of teacher honor. According to the deployment of the State Council, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of human resources and social security decided since 2016, the organization of rural schools from the 30 year of teaching teachers to honor certificates issued". The establishment of rural teachers honor system, both affirmation and recognition of rural teachers, is a kind of spiritual motivation, the initiative will help to create a strong atmosphere of the whole society to support rural teachers and rural education, and further stimulate the rural teachers engaged in rural education power and confidence, the rural teachers’ social status more and more high, rural education development is getting better. However, rural schools are usually located in remote, poor environment, difficult conditions, in order to better play to motivate teachers willing to teach from the countryside, promote the formation of "respecting the universal social recognition system design system should have a more comprehensive system of rural teachers, attracted the attention of the whole society. First, it should be linked up and down, the establishment of a stable system of recognition of honor, so that rural teachers become respected, enviable social career. Rural teachers in poor and backward rural schools adhere to 30 years, half a lifetime of effort and all the相关的主题文章: