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Arts-and-Entertainment Dedicated fans of the Twilight series book their Washington State vacations to see all the places from the book/movie. As it is the home of the Twilight saga and although after the first film it isn’t filmed there as much as it did when it stared it doesn’t stop the dedicated fans from visiting. what they see as the homes of Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black and the rest of the Twilight characters. The settings of the popular book and movie takes place on the Olympic Peninsula in the towns of Forks, La Push and Port Angeles. So the popular destinations would be the Fork’s High school which is the school Bella and Edward attend, the beach located in La Push where Bella finds out the truth about Edward and the restaurant in Port Angeles where Bella and Edward have their first date. Parts of the movies were filmed in Washington and actually used but ironically Fork’s high school wasn’t used for the film is another hotspot for the fans of the franchise. The actual locations for the Fork’s high school were filmed at Kalama High School and R. A. Long High School (still in Washington) but also in Oregon at Madison High School, Corbett Elementary School, Clackamas Community college and St. Helens High School. Fork’s which is the main setting of the Twilight series is a town that actually celebrates the Twilight fame with a Stephenie Meyer Day, Stephanie Meyer was the creator of Twilight. At the events there people can sample a tour around Fork’s High School, see and take part in the twilight lookalike contest, a wolf dance, a bonfire with native storytelling in La Push and of course meet other dedicated Twilight fans. Other key Twilight areas in this town is the Forks Community Hospital, Fork, Cullen House, the Swan House, The Forks Welcome sign where you will be able to get many photo opportunities, and many others places that will many die hard fans would know about. La Push which is home of the Quileute Tribe and in the series is the stomping grounds of Jacob and the werewolf pack. The Quileute Tribe are Native Americans that settled onto the Quileute Indian Reservation after signing a Quinault Treaty in 1855. This is a small community driven county that has its own government and has roughly around 750 people residing. The key areas to visit is the treaty line, Quileute Prairie Cemeterys vampire baseball field, the No Vampires Beyond this Point sign, the beaches, the Olympic vampire and the Quileute Nation and Tribal School. Port Angeles which can be found in between the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the northern border of Olympic National Park is the place where Bella and her friends went shopping to find Prom dresses. It is the largest city on the Olympic Peninsula and is the birth place of the NFL hall of Famer John Elway. Many come here because it is the site of Bella’s book store visit which has the rescue scene but more important also has the restaurant that saw Bella and Edward have their first date with mushroom ravioli being their meal of choice Many local stores and restaurants have taken advantage of the popularity and have have conjured up special memorabilia and menu’s for the fans of Twilight to collect. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: