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Li Xuelian: why can’t they and the "overall situation"? – Culture – original title: Li Xuelian and chrysanthemum: why they can not "overall situation"? The movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" now being aggressively. Because of the close relationship between the story and the law, naturally caused a lot of concern in the legal profession. Among them, the judge questioned the legal procedures involved in the film and many details such as: according to the current law, "there can be no Li Xuelian to sue for divorce, and Li Xuelian to prove himself" not Pan Jinlian ", her ex husband sued the infringement of right of reputation can Yu he qin. In the era of cultivation and prosperity of the rule of law culture, these problems once thrown, immediately become a hot spot. It can be said that behind the film is worthy of reflection. And with the law as a tool, to weigh the rigor of the film plot, we might as well have a discussion on the heroine Li Xuelian’s mentality. Li Xuelian’s story is set in a dozen years ago in rural areas, it is reminiscent of more than and 20 years ago, "the story of Qiu Ju". The four "complain", want to help their men to discuss that, to solve the problem of the village Tiren; "I am not Pan Jinlian", Li Xuelian only to correct a word, to prove that she is not Pan Jinlian, paid a price of more than ten years. Whether it is Li Xuelian or tears, their demands and insisted once no understanding. In particular, Li Xuelian appeal everywhere, initially for the fact that the first proof of divorce is false, and her ex husband married, and then divorced him". Such a toss in the end is for what? As for all the way, his life, she will own this "small" layers to make a public official, on tenterhooks, and for what? A woman’s survival bottom line Li Xuelian lives in a society of acquaintances weaving rules of the network, all the people know each other, knowing each other. She wants to correct, not only is false marriage caused by the state of marriage, or her ex husband that you marry me before it is not a virgin…… Your name is Li Xuelian, I see you are Pan Jinlian, "caused by the reputation of the damaged situation. In what Fei Xiaotong called the local Chinese society, Li Xuelian in order to correct a word, is to "clear" about this sequence of events, for a "statement". Because it directly affects the location of her acquaintance society: she is not Pan Jinlian". The whole film did not deliberately rendering, Li Xuelian due to false divorce and known as the "Pan Jinlian" in the country under the pressure of public opinion. Lu Xun just imitate the description of Xiang Linsao’s technique: "Li Xuelian was talking about her sometimes complain. People began to carry her back, said later, and then in front of her face. Listen more, she also laughed, as if to say something else." Light a few words, sad situation is difficult, the condition of the contrast. Li Xuelian lived in the countryside, the city needs to sit bamboo. The details are ruminate. Separated by a piece of water from the town, as if another world. Therefore, the officials of the order and justice, and Li Xuelian (and the) life circle of order and justice, seems to pick up on the rail. However, because the power is still in the hands of officials above the county level, the country is difficult to solve the problem through self-help相关的主题文章: