Li Yifeng won the men with me is not a small gap with advanced meat freelander2

Li Yifeng was the man with a little meat: I am not a gap with the senior Sina entertainment news on the evening of 24, Li Yifeng [micro-blog] with "old gun" in the performance of the award for Best Supporting Actor Award, he accepted the media group’s visit into backstage. Li Yifeng happy said, very happy, this is my first time in the film awards, won the prize, very lucky, for me is a great encouragement, thank you for every vote for my audience." "Many of the finalists are very fond of my predecessors, such as the sun burning heart" I have seen, give me this award is an encouragement to the young film actor, with predecessors than I still have a big gap. There is such an encouragement for me in the film on the road is a great recognition of the heart." Li Yifeng said. Li Yifeng also revealed that the recent progress: "now in the film a new movie called" psychological crime ", shot quickly. The play is also a big challenge for me, especially there are a lot of inner drama, I hope everyone will continue to support." "The actor is still very passive, especially I am a new person, in the state of being chosen. As long as the book is good, do not repeat it." For future planning, Li Yifeng said. In the media questioning, a reporter asked Li Yifeng how to look at the question of sharp little meat, including high net worth, to find a substitute, Li Yifeng said: "this problem is difficult for me to represent a small meat answer, because I was not a little meat. Maybe there are some possible, some of the crew may be actors in the group, need some time savings, I hope the meat they can do work." And explain the "sparrow" is not the same as he looks like, because he was in the other group shot, the important vision may be a substitute. (what Xiaoqin article) (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: