Liang Jianzhang retired Sun Jie can hold it – Sohu Technology sweets parade

Liang Jianzhang retired Sun Jie can hold it? Abstract: Science and technology – Sohu Dajiangshan people retreat to the scenes, the new beginning to keep country go to the front desk. The media reported the | Zhao Shuping training camp in November 17th November 16th evening, Ctrip announced the appointment of Sun Jie as chief executive officer, effective immediately. Sun Jie joined the board of directors of the company. Liang Jianzhang, chairman and former chief executive officer of the board of directors will serve as executive chairman of the board, focusing on the company’s innovation, internationalization, technology, investment and strategic alliances. Sun Jie began to become head of Ctrip James Liang; second relegated second, be behind the scenes manipulator. This means that the Dajiangshan people retreat to the scenes, the couple began to keep the country go to the front desk. Ctrip pioneer Liang Jianzhang – playing Jiangshan in Ctrip eyes, Liang Jianzhang is the soul of the status of no one can shake. "When Liang Jianzhang returns, as Ctrip is to pack siege; Ctrip today dominate the political arena in the ticket, hotel, Ctrip said he is the soul that is fully deserve." This sentence is the industry’s general evaluation of Liang Jianzhang, this sentence is no exaggeration. Liang Jianzhang is known as the "child prodigy", a step by step way has become a hot topic. In 1985, the Fudan University first junior class; 20 years to get a master’s degree at the Georgia Institute of Technology Department of computer; director of technology Oracle in 1997 as the 1999 China; James Liang and Ji Qi, Shen Napeng, Fan Min four people together founded Ctrip; 2000 Liang Jianzhang as Ctrip CEO. 2006, Liang Jianzhang resigned CEO to study in the United states. Just six years, Ctrip has been formed under the helm of the hotel, air tickets and free line of the business as the main source of revenue for the business of the top three Liang Jianzhang. However, after the departure of Liang Jianzhang, Ctrip and where to go into the siege eLong siege. In 2013, Liang Jianzhang returned to Ctrip, Ctrip took CEO from the hands of Fan Min, all the way to buy buy buy big beat pattern, where elong and go under income. Liang Jianzhang is a successful return to the buyer, from 2013 to now, Liang Jianzhang has been to buy buy buy, Ctrip every step on the direction of the basic layout. In April 2014, Ctrip tourism investment in the same way more than $200 million; in May 2014, Ctrip in tuniu IPO when bought $15 million of class a common stock. This is the two time to buy Ctrip past and move to lay the position Ctrip on vacation area. Subsequently, Ctrip began to layout more. In May 2015, Ctrip invested about $400 million, a premium of 100% acquisition of 37.6% stake in elong, became the first major shareholder of elong; October 2015, Ctrip and where to merge, Ctrip has 45% where Baidu shares; where to sell the shares, and then have a 25% stake in ctrip. Elong and where the listing and subsidy war eventually led to Ctrip, Ctrip become the lay of the land resources. After the merger, where the founder Zhuang Chenchao!相关的主题文章: