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Life tips: how long the air purifier for a filter recently, fog and haze repeatedly, many people turn the home air purifier turned out to use. In this regard, to remind friends, before the use of certain cleaning, replacement of filters and other matters. The air purifier filter screen is the main component of air purification, in order to achieve better air purification effect, the filter in a certain period of time need to be cleaned or replaced. So, how long for a better filter? The life of the big bang column to come and talk about this issue, interested in small partners may wish to understand. The filter is the core component of the air purifier, and its quantity and material have a great influence on the purification effect. Currently on the market of air purifier filter generally only three or four layers, some of the products have a good layer of five or six. Among them, there are five main types of filters in the air purifier, including pre filter, washable deodorizing filter, formaldehyde removal filter, HEPA filter and humidification filter. The pre filter pre filter is the latest developed micron mesh filter, his mesh area than the average smaller, in addition to the adsorption of dust particles, effectively removing the hair. The surface cleaning is treated by fluorine rope, and the dust on the surface of the filter screen can be more convenient for cleaning. Washable deodorizing filter washable deodorizing filter can be repeatedly cleaned off odor filter belongs to the use of regular cleaning, you can restore the deodorizing performance, can effectively remove the odor, smell the smell of sweat pet. Formaldehyde removal of the filter screen to remove formaldehyde capture the filter and the formaldehyde firmly locked in the filter on the decomposition of the network, verified by the authority, the removal rate of up to 99%. For you to effectively remove formaldehyde, create clean indoor space. The dust collecting filter (HEPA filter) is HEPA HighEfficiencyAirFILTER (high efficiency particulate air filter) abbreviation, is internationally recognized as the best high filter, according to its unique fiber structure, through the processing of fiber integration antibacterial HEPA filter, microbial control, effectively inhibit the airborne allergens, such as dust mites, pollen, bacteria, second-hand smoke, dust and other small particles, for 0.3 micron particle purification rate of 99.97%. If you use it to filter cigarettes, then the filtering effect can reach almost 100%. Wet filter Humidifier Filter with a unique "horn structure" + "back grid structure" design, perfect "0 degree tilt airflow, significantly increased the adsorption volume, indoor dust, bacteria and odor, and at breakneck speed to get rid of, air purification and disinfection effect, significantly increased air purification ability. The filter to clean the air purifier even common first layer is the shape of large screen, the air conditioning filter pre filter, which can be pre filter such as hair, pet hair and other large particles. However, the use of a long time will gather a certain amount of dust, thus affecting the air intake, the effect of air purification, so the need to clean up in a timely manner. The pre filter with monthly cleaning 1-2 times is appropriate, when cleaning removable filter, use the vacuum cleaner or cloth to dust, such as manufacturers indicate the filter can be washed, in the.相关的主题文章: