Light abuse was made officially open penalty Fuzhou currently has 87 car fined 9c8996

Light abuse was made officially open penalty Fuzhou currently has 87 car fined Fuzhou Yangqiao Damien Road, into the first installation check the high beam artifact of intersection light abuse will cause great harm to the vehicle driver "instant blinding", easily lead to accidents. For a long time, the sustained attention light abuse illegal, police investigation and exploration of new mode actively. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Fuzhou police detachment exclusive, 18 this month, the headlights and intelligent system of Fuzhou traffic police illegal independent research and development "(hereinafter referred to as the" check the high beam artifact) and integrated application platform of public security traffic management, which means "artifact" paparazzi evidence officially became a punishment the basis, currently has 87 cars were punished. Fuzhou traffic police in the face of problems, willing to work hard, determined to break the law enforcement difficulties, which, the public believes should be point praise. The two probe with each other, to capture the light abuse in May 4th this year, Fuzhou police independently check the high beam artifact is put into use, Youhashi Daaki junction became the first installation of the artifact in the intersection. This system is the first in the "non intelligent beam" illegal investigation system, to overcome the long and light abuse to the scene to investigate the difficulties of non. Then, the system gradually spread in the city, currently consists of 10 West two ring road intersection Fuk Lantau pedestrian bridge, three bridge north Hashiguchi, 51 Gutian intersection, near 54 Avenue overpass, screen North junction, Changle South Road, Riverside Avenue Pu guanpu road and Fuk new Road North junction, even installed. The traffic police detachment relevant source, the front of this system has two monitoring probes, a snapshot in the light assisted by the appearance of the vehicle, the other is a light lamp, the light angle measurement; at the same time, two monitoring also captures, in the interval after a few seconds, two times, three times to capture at the same time, the capture of the vehicle illegal process for automatic alignment of vehicle license plate, etc.. The whole process of the realization of automatic identification, automatic capture and automatic upload. From May 4th to September 17th, thousands of vehicles due to the illegal use of the headlights, the system capture, the accuracy rate was 100%. 10 days of the 87 car was fined, deducted 1 points, fined 200 yuan yesterday, the traffic police detachment relevant source, this system has passed the Ministry of public security traffic safety product quality supervision and inspection center detection qualified images meet the "standard of road traffic safety violations image forensics technology" (GA T832-2014) certification requirements, and has been with integrated application platform for public security traffic management. Since September 18th, this set of system to capture illegal evidence, as a formal basis for punishment, illegal code 1102, "are not required to use the high beam light". The source, illegal drivers will be deducted 1 points, fined 200 yuan. From September 18th to September 28th, a total of 87 vehicles were captured, recognition and input because of the abuse of the headlights, the relevant drivers will be punished according to law. This system can be fixed law enforcement, but also mobile law enforcement, the next will be based on the situation, continue to promote other junctions in the city. Public point like Fuzhou traffic police: dare to break the law enforcement difficulties abuse far相关的主题文章: