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Lippi focused on training in front attack for small range with tear opponents Defense National Football coming alive preliminaries November 15th 19:352018 PK of Qatar Russia World Cup Asian qualifiers 12 finals fifth round, and the team will Chinese Qatar Tuodong stadium in Kunming, then, CCTV will broadcast live. Although very slim’s hope of qualifying, but this is Bill Lippi took office after the first race, so regardless of the media or the fans, or very concerned about this game. In the face of the Qatar team fatigued by a long journey (14 day 3 pm arrived in Kunming), for the Orangemen to give fans a surprise? Yangzi Evening News reporter     Huang Qiyuan against black shape:   is Chinese fossati against us to delay the card in the battle triggered at any moment, Qatar National team officially arrived in Kunming on the afternoon of November 14th. On the 14 day of the pre match press conference, Qatar coach Fossati unusually angry, saying that because the Chinese led to their failure to arrive on time, I believe there will be some action fifa. And this time they came to China with a strong self-confidence, take 3 points is their only goal. "We had planned to take a flight from Doha to Kunming to take part in the race. For some reason, our charter did not comply with the relevant provisions of China, did not get permission to land, the news is three or four days ago that. Qatar Football Association to get this result, immediately take contingency plans, then take the civil aviation aircraft arrived. We had to stay at the Bangkok airport for 12 hours, of course, in that time, we can not be trained, but we also do everything possible to do everything. I believe FIFA, for the reason why the late arrival and results, there will be some understanding, I believe there are certain actions. The next training, we will try to recover, get rid of the difficulties before, ready for tomorrow’s game. We may think that the game is a good body, a good recovery, but I think the most important thing is the spirit. I believe the players will have more potential and strength because of such an unpleasant trip. I have always believed that it is because the Chinese people that we can not arrive on time." Fossati said the accident has seriously affected the preparation of the Qatar team, I believe FIFA will act on the matter. Smoke bomb   Tuodong big screen scrolling in the "list" in the evening of November 8th, the Orangemen Tuodong stadium and a team in Wuhan zall warm-up match. After a lapse of 6 days, the Orangemen to Tuodong stadium for routine Caichang, the south stand hanging "Lippi card, the Orangemen received won the red banner, which is from Kunming country full blessing. South stand big screen is also in the work of the state, the big screen with a national foot first show. The first show the message from the point of view, the main goalkeeper Yan Junling, four guards are all from Hengda, Zhang Lin, Mei Fang, Feng Xiaoting, Li Xuepeng, Zheng Zhi, Yu Hai is the captain of the third field and Hao Junmin, three Zhang Xizhe, Wu Lei striker and Gao Lin. Above 1.相关的主题文章: