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Living fossil like "bridge painting" was destroyed after the flood, can the overall structure of the East River bridge across the East river. Photo by reporter Zhang Yong Wen Xing is the majestic heavy bridge before the flash floods washed away wooden flat beam bridge. Both photo reporter Zhang Yong Xue Zhai Qiao 1856 after repair, once Shimu arch bridge, bridge the best article found Wen Xing wood has been no.. Newspaper reporter Zhao Zhengnan photo reporter Zhao Zhengnan mid autumn day, a sudden flash floods killed Zhejiang Fujian many bridges elegant and bustling. In Taishun, there are 3 bridges were completely destroyed in the flood, they were Xue Zhaiqiao, Wen Xing Bridge and the heavy bridge, of which the first two seats are wooden arch bridges, really painful. Wooden arch bridges, "wood frame into a rainbow, like heaven", as the Northern Song Dynasty painting "Qingming Festival" in Hongqiao in the "bianshui rainbow beauty", known as the living fossil Chinese bridge construction technology "". At the junction of Zhejiang and Fujian provinces, still hold hundreds of different ages, different forms of wooden arch bridges. Here, the wooden arch bridges "is slightly different, part of the county in Northern Fujian from arch structure characteristics to name, called" chopsticks bridge "; Pingnan, Shouning corridor for the bridge construction such as" CuO ", called Zhou Ning, Zheng CuO bridge; and the county called" squillid bridge ", called Taishun" centipede bridge ", is named according to the whole bridge forms such as animal form. However, no matter how the title, wooden arch bridges have been deep into the lives of local people, people regard it as symbol of cultural geography. However, a mountain torrents to Taishun 6 centipede bridge disappeared by 1/3. Taishun bridge will become "dream"? The day before, the reporter went to Taishun, to the local repair work as a warning for the future after the interview. The search for "Xue Xue Zhai Qiao" after the withdrawal of water everywhere outside the village, the villagers have a thousand things wait to be done scene, the furniture, appliances out of the house, into the outdoor air, looking forward to how to restore the loss. Judging from the housing wall yellow flood line, mid day, Jinxi water will be submerged in a layer of local housing. Shrouded in the haze gradually dispersed, outside the village, with the bridge repair work carried out in an orderly manner, Taishun County Heritage Center Director Ji Haibo brow gradually spread. In September 15th, the Mid Autumn Festival, the typhoon "Meranti" ravaged southeast coast, Taishun, a hilly area and peaceful city, suffered a severe flood, 10.5 meters high in the flood swept over Xue Zhai qiao. Outside the village the villagers tried to, in accordance with the emergency plan handed down from ancestors, their refrigerators and other heavy objects placed inside the bridge weight, but because of the flood resistance, people only watched Xue Zhai Qiao after stood for 160 years apart, in the flood destroyed. The 75 year old Xue Shiyun did not see the scene was destroyed by Xue Zhai Qiao, when he heard the bad news from a neighbor, xinrudaoge. When I was young thinking about playing in Xue and his companions Zhai Qiao joy, he secretly determined to leave the cultural memory to grandchildren, to "find" back to Xue Zhai qiao. Second every day just bright, along the stream, he opened his own search plan. Just out of less than an hour,.相关的主题文章: