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"Love" ultimate notice to mention   inequality; crime P — entertainment channel, suspense ethical film "love" inequality today released the ultimate edition movie trailer, the film side also announced that the film will be officially mentioned in October 3rd, advance to seize the National Day stall bonus. This film directed by Tang Xu, written by Chen Jinhai, Gao Yang, Waise Lee, assembled Shuai Chi, Yan Danchen, Li Li, Xiu Rui, Zhou Xinyu, Fang Xiaoxi and other stars starred in the film, will be the National Day this year, many new files only a suspense theme. Ultimate notice uncover the truth mangnv male movie "love love plants" the story around the inequality between the blind girl played by Gao Yang and Shuai Chi played a series of male plants can not explain the odd love mystery unfold. The ultimate trailer released just one opening, with Gao Yang as the blind masseur Zhang Fengxi was on the court bailiff escorted back to kick off, and then the lens is lying in a hospital bed played by Shuai Chi plant male oxygen pipe suddenly fell off, while Shuai Chi insisted that a former girlfriend and pull the oxygen tube and this also explains why the blind girl will become a "suspect" was brought to court, because she was suspected of attempted murder "murderer Shuai Chi male plant". But, why kill male plants, the trailer did not explain, but after the screen to show the audience mangnv in the process is to take care of the plants, the man fell in love with him, and I am looking forward to this day he woke up, he woke up whether to love me or not love me. "To emphasize that our feelings, not return to pay for male plants. Before the interview, Mr. Chen Jinhai has stressed the screenplay, when writing the script of their own, they hope to use an unusual story to tell you what is love, "because now they actually like 90 heart is the lack of love, they may each week for girlfriend or boyfriend so, the frequent exchanges in have this kind of emotion is The imprint is engraved on my heart., true love? In fact, the object, the more easy to get the opposite sex, the more it does not love. "The ultimate Trailer wretched little man stealing crime mystery P repair Rui feeling the release of the film, in addition to Gao Yang’s mangnv and Shuai Chi as the plant male, there’s a little old man repair Rui and Zhou Xinyu as a sister who has a lot of shots. According to the story, as Rui repair a little old man in the movie is a courier, his sisters have been blind heart, the trailer also demonstrated his intent to rape a lens set from the wretched figure, it is not difficult to imagine Rui repair performance in the film should be used to steal the spotlight. It is reported that part of the early movie "love" of the audience that inequality, as in recent years not much attention for the blind, vegetable and other special groups of Chinese films, the film with two clues of crime and feelings to jointly promote the way of narrating the story, very P, and the film of involving legal and moral aspects of the story torture, may also allow more people to pay attention to this work. The movie "love" by the common inequality and the CPC Tongxiang municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of Zhejiang Jinsha company)相关的主题文章: