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"The wizard" "sound of silence" fragment Jia boss – Sohu "adaptation of the classic entertainment Magic Wizard" in October 28th a week ahead of the North American mainland release today, "Sound of Silence" (silence) highlights exposure Sohu entertainment news "magic hair Wizard" in the 21 city recently held a national media advance outlook the shadow, from hundreds of media professionals and industry leading professional critics watched this carnival masterpiece. Industry insiders have expressed recognition and love for the film. At the same time, DreamWorks also once again exposed a Strike while the iron is hot. "Sound of Silence" (silence) highlights, in the enjoyment of "Jia boss" of the classic song "sound of silence" adaptation at the same time, the plot came also very humorous and funny, reveals the essence of reversal, adventure, fantasy, music masterpiece the. "The wizard" from the animated classic "Shrek" production team effort to build the voice cast is covering the "boss" Justin Jia – Timblerlake, Anna – Kendrick and other big stars. And this video Jia boss and Anna for the first time to say hello to the Chinese audience, and big show Chinese, causing fans to enjoy the praise. The film is scheduled for this Friday (October 28th) ahead of North America released in mainland china.     media field detonated reputation twenty-one city viewing National Open smile DreamWorks in 21 city recently held national media ahead of viewing, the media reporter commented that "was completely adorable to these little elves, fluffy texture looks very comfortable, see a movie," ah is burning money it is reported that the film production team in order to give the audience a "fluffy" impression, the texture of felt to design the whole universe, and to overcome the difficulty in making animation high hair production challenges, successfully created a sense of touch to the audience. There is a famous film critic said, "the wizard" is full of imagination and laughter. The "old story", "Les mind team", "Cinderella", "Shrek" films such as plot and style have no sense of violation to mix together, but also added some Gothic style. " Looking for happiness "theme from the heart is simple and clear, full of all ages. Before not too optimistic, because the animation figures ugly, specimen, far exceeding expectations, to achieve the ultimate "ugly adorable" to love!" "The rescue teams" to embark on an adventure adaptation of the classic "sound of silence" "Jia boss" show the strong Chinese DreamWorks will continue to expose a Strike while the iron is hot., highlights. Fragment is a description of the "rescue squad" adventures in the plot. When night falls, Anna – Kendrick and Justin – the voice of Princess Bobbi Timblerlake dubbed the bonfire bran had to rest, the optimist loved singing Princess Bobbi picked up a small fresh kill "ukulele" Sang classic songs "sound of silence" is careful not to sing love song is bran, "Jia boss" hand surgeon adaptation, singing Anna portrait, the wonderful plant fragments around also instantly have a life together with Anna and Capet, like a pull (without.相关的主题文章: