Mainland tourists fire car incident investigation results Hong Xiuzhu do not let the tragedy happen

Mainland tourists fire car incident investigation results Hong Xiuzhu: do not let the tragedy happen again, the original title: passenger cars burning incident investigation results Hong Xiuzhu: do not let the tragedy happen again in July 19th data figure: mainland tourists tour bus car fire caused 26 deaths. China News Agency reporter Liu Shuling photo Beijing, September 12, according to Taiwan "Central News Agency" report, Liaoning Lu guest group fire car 26 dead case, Taiwan Taoyuan prosecutors investigation. KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu 11, said that the families of the victims of the mood, feel very sorry and sad, she called to remember the event of pain, never let the tragedy happen again. Liaoning Lu guest group car fire caused 26 dead, including 24 Su Mingcheng, Zheng Lu guest and guide Kunwen driving tour bus 2; 10, the Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office investigation, investigation of driver premeditated suicide Dutch act arson, but Su Mingcheng has died, not to prosecute. Hong Xiuzhu in the afternoon of 11 social media issued a document that, according to the survey results, Su Mingcheng is pressure in criminal cases and family pressures on the road to ruin, this should be the case for reference, in the assessment of the future to do the driver employed psychological quality, pay attention to the rest state and salary standards. The authorities should establish employment and audit standard, to establish a pipeline, not to let the industry independently. She said, in addition to tour operators and drivers, the authorities should also examine all relevant norms of all current public transport driving qualification. From the driving quality of civil aviation training, mental health, to the general sense of professional drivers and safety education, there are still considerable room for improvement. Should be for the safety of the people, and actively take up such responsibilities. Hong Xiuzhu pointed out that the quality of sightseeing, traffic, travel safety, not only for foreign tourists, the joint impact of confidence and the will of the people on the tourism; the government must address the case, to assist the industry to rebuild the credibility, the full restoration of play to tourists to spend Taiwan trust. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: