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Mainland tourists plummeted Alishan sightseeing road "Guan Guang Lu – Beijing Chinese Taiwan news network November 2nd according to Taiwan," Wang Bao "reported," has been a Resort Hotel Restaurant Department declared closed, we are almost the same." Ali Mountain is one of the main routes of mainland tourists, after less than half a year in the CAI authorities, how a "miserable" word! Said this sentimental words industry, Chiayi county is the largest near the Alishan highway, designed to provide two meals late afternoon, Ali feast restaurant counter staff for groups of tourists, "a few years ago often one day there are dozens of cars tour bus to dinner table every day to do this a few months more than 100 tables, tourists sharply reduce turnover, often has a restaurant near the odd, out of business, to continue again, we’re barely." Alishan highway rest stop, mainly in high mountain and other agricultural products, as well as the film popular for many years, by the influence of mainland tourists declined sharply in recent months, few visitors tour bus stop, all doors locked, no longer see any economic activities. In the vicinity of Alishan highway is a highway intersection in the village, there is a hotel which in front of the temple, due to funding problems to the main structure construction stage work, now the entire tourism industry miserable, have completed the recovery is in sight. The tour will begin to enter the Ali Mountain Road, a monk temple, is on the point of rest, the past due to business opportunities in mainland tourists, the square Business Flourishes stalls, even the tour bus across the parking lot are hung above the shop, simplified Chinese advertising signs. Heavy traffic now gone, only sporadic local visitors enduring as the universe bridge. Many vendors have been off for 5 days a week. (Zhu Lian)相关的主题文章: