Maintain a safe position for tomorrow strategy bargain hunting opportunity yuanjiao

Tomorrow: the card network security analysis viewpoint does not represent positions for bargain hunting opportunity the market strategy, as investors buy or sell stocks on the stock market risk, the investment must be cautious. Editor’s note: on Friday, U.S. stocks affected depth adjustment factors, Monday Shanghai and Shenzhen two sharply tiaokongdikai intraday sell slightly from time to time, the Shanghai Composite Index fell below the 3000 point mark, struggling to recover from the. Analysts believe that in the face of multiple bad attack, A shares face adjustment risk, but will not be much room for adjustment, the market index is expected volatility will still fluctuate between 3000-3100. Investors need to keep a safe position under the premise of the patience to wait for the opportunity to bargain hunting. So tomorrow A shares will be how to interpret? Investors will be how to operate? Look at all the masters and the latest research institutions. Jufeng investment consulting: after the crash the decide on what path to follow? All day long, the two cities opened sharply lower, after the opening was repeated shocks, after a slight rebound. But can not rebound, then resource stocks continue to drive, intraday stock index diving again fall, fall after the 60 day moving average fell below the 3000 point mark integer. Of late, the stock shock rebound, but the intensity is weak, low performance fell all day long. Today, the two cities opened callback. Today, the stock fell due to the following reasons: on the one hand, the global market decline, A shares were not spared. The three largest U.S. stocks fell more than 2%, the Dow fell nearly 400 points, the three major stock indexes and the debt hit the biggest one-day drop since June 24th British referendum. Oil prices plummeted, Hong Kong stocks, Asia Pacific stock market fell. Multiple impact on the market hit a larger, but the core reason is that the market is worried about the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, and virtually expanded the spread of bad. So, how to look at today’s crash? Jufeng investment adviser believes that today the negative impact of bigger blow to the market, but the external factors are the main culprit, short-term digestion will return to nature, too much impact on the market trend will not. Many of the heavy volume sell that stock index low stage is not far, so, today is also under heavy kill and intraday fell rarely plunge in stocks subject. Therefore, the market outlook, the recent decline is more connected with bad whipsaw Italy, here do not just flesh. Of course, this gap is large, short-term market is still repeated, maintain the position under the patience to wait for the opportunity to bargain hunting. The specific operation, can buy the gradually opening, focus on the reform of the central enterprises, along the road signs. In addition, long-term and short-term avoidance time shares gaosongzhuan stocks may fall risk in.40%, mainly in blue chips, 20% small cap stocks. (Jufeng investment adviser)相关的主题文章: