Man when daddy raised new in order to be different in jail (video) monkey off-pork face

Man when daddy raised new in order to be different macaques in jail some people love her a pet new in order to be different, be sure to pick out of the ordinary. A 37 year old Yan, spent nearly ten thousand dollars to buy online a little monkey, instantly open "Daddy" mode, in order to take the monkey, the night, worry about the trouble, busy with Daddy like, can be the result of change is not full of sense of achievement, but was sent to the guard the. Originally, after identification, Yan a monkey is not what ordinary pet, but the two national key protected wild animal in rhesus monkeys. Suspect Yan a: (monkey) carry. Police: are you afraid of a person at home? The suspect Yan: I’m not afraid of it a person hungry at home, 3 hours to feed a milk, so big a little bottle, to point it called, waving to eat like a child, a two-year-old child what it is what is my daddy. Talking about their own had little monkeys, Yan’s face is full of love. Yan is a KTV around Shanghai City boss, career, friends because many of them are a personalized pet, he also moved the heart, so WeChat through the circle of friends, spent 8500 yuan, bought a so-called pet monkey. The suspect Yan said, anyway, know no ordinary monkey, this beat is very small (large), with high water bottles almost. Since the purchase of a small monkey was only three months old, the need for regular feeding, changing diapers and bathing, Yan had to stay up late to take care of, take trouble. Gradually, he also lost his enthusiasm, and then by WeChat to find the home, to 9000 yuan price will sell the little monkey. The suspect Yan also said that everyone will love this is that conscience, just say too much, just someone to take over quickly shot, a circle of friends they say there is no such monkeys, many people began to say that this is illegal, the monkey monkey, I want to catch up just fine money detained, did not expect to sit here and do not dare to dream. Due to the acquisition and sale of macaque national two level key protected wild animals, Yan was arrested by the public security organs, macaques were sent to the Shanghai zoo rescue station. According to the provisions of article 341st of the criminal law and the relevant judicial interpretation, Yan on suspicion of illegal acquisition of rare and endangered wildlife crime, be held criminally responsible. Jingan District people’s Procuratorate prosecutor Liu Guomin said his behavior has been suspected of illegal acquisition of rare and endangered wild animals. Prosecutors reminded the general public in pet not one-sided pursuit of new in order to be different, before purchasing a pet should also search the Internet to determine whether the species national key protected animal. In addition, the wild animal body may carry germs, once the feeding health harm, it is The loss outweighs the gain. "" "universal creation Festival billion investment cicada looking to change the knowledge to open the way you" "" recommended today: the property right certificate issued by "stop the real property right certificate" 180 yuan monthly 20 numbers can be specified for 30 days "call you die" and "Metro lady-killer" bare nakedness harass female passengers by the police Shanghai residents reported a captured light pollution after the hotel was poured swill rub traffic dispute 6)相关的主题文章: