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Taiwan city population control group involved in trafficking members of transgender prostitution – stress Beijing China Taiwan network October 13th news according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the investigation in Taiwan Chiayi District, Tainan city this morning command survey station of Chiayi City, Chiayi City, the ground team and the police to search people drunk beauty Hotel and other 7, announced that it uncovered by city councilman Hong Youren based trafficking group. All cases were rescued by the control and exploitation of the dissolute female Thailand Ji 5, Vietnamese 3 people, some Thai transsexual pick up a 7000 yuan (NT, the same below), was up to 5000 yuan pumping. Chiayi District Prosecutors Office pointed out that, after a long wiring trace, drunk beauty is Hong Youren hotel management, the introduction of foreign spouses by the Vietnamese surnamed Feng intermediary Thai transsexual, surnamed qiu. The way to monitor the criminal group or coercion against my will, a hostess indecent, transaction requirements etc., and the reward is obviously inconsistent work content. This morning the Chiayi District Command investigation, and speaker Xiao Shuli agreed to search in the research Youren flood the City Council and other places for a total of 7. Although Hong Youren not appearing in court, after being summoned more than 10 suspects in custody, suspected of trafficking in women, Tsai Tang Xing nvzi, surnamed surnamed Feng and claim custody see ban. In addition, prosecutors also found that Hong Youren since 2014 was elected city council, and looking for his brother, Liu sister-in-law and Qiuxing human intermediary industry, declared as members of these families are the assistant, assistant monthly fee of 40 thousand yuan each and the Spring Festival gratuity, withdraw the prosecution to let Hong Youren use, including Hong Youren, 4 people, according to corruption offences Ordinance may apply to the court for custody. (Gao Xu, Taiwan, China)相关的主题文章: