Meranti landing point of knowledge the house does not extinguish wind destroy folding beam light –

"Meranti" landing point of knowledge: the new network news agency in the house beam broken out to destroy the light of hope – in September 15 Xiamen Xinhua: "Meranti" landing point of knowledge: the house does not extinguish wind destroy folded beams, the light of hope author Lin Chunyin Yang Fushan Chen Yue on the 15 day morning, standing on his own convenience store Xiamen, Xiangan District Wu Suan village? It is hard to imagine in the past more than a year, my husband and the family with the night. This little shop has collapsed in half, steel shelf break, fall apart, thick beams in the ruins are particularly eye-catching. Xiangan is a coastal zone this year’s strongest typhoon "Meranti" landing point. Wu Suan said that when the typhoon landed, the wind will beam down, she and her husband was scared to flee. The critical moment, her husband pushed Wu Suan, but by the fall of the iron gate smashed head, is now in hospital, "and then five minutes later, my husband’s life is gone." In order to this store, working for many years, Wu Suan couple invested about 200000 yuan, owed tens of thousands of debt. Now, everything starts from scratch. Like Wu Suan and his wife have experienced life and death moment as well as security Chen Hui. That night, he just ran out of the security booth, Jack is weighing the security booth in a loud noise was thrown into the distant typhoon. Chen Hui in the giant wind to crawl, clinging to a cement pier is out of danger. He showed the bruises on the body, say repeatedly "steal back a life." Located in Xiangan Dadeng a seafood stall, the clerk and small Xu, Lao Xu Song, are busy to pick up the devastation of the store. He pointing reporters in this scale is not a small seafood restaurant around, some box ceiling was opened typhoon hole how high a diameter; some vertical air condition by the typhoon students broke off half a shell; the rear of the store has a set up the stage, is now the typhoon blow. He said, today is the Mid Autumn Festival, many companies are booked to store dinner, Bo (Xiamen a folk activity, to throw the dice, win gift) boss also encouraged them to work a few days, "now what time will reopen all don’t know". Although "Meranti" has been away from Xiamen, but the noon reporter came to Taiwan Dadeng small commodity trading market when the oncoming wind still blew to hard to stop, the air more often fall bursts of rain. The market figure thinning, apart from fallen trees, is finishing, repair staff. They told reporters, for safety reasons, including Taiwan’s industry, the market by the industry a few days ago to be encouraged to leave, the market will ensure safety before re operating. Although caused enormous damage to Wu Suan and Chen Hui, who left at the moment for Xiangan, but in the "Meranti" away, these ordinary people trying to rebuild a normal life. The reporter saw in the shop near the ruins of Wu Suan, and help move the goods for Wu Suan more than and 10 villagers are intermittent heavy rain. She told reporters, "to leave a life, after the stores continue to open a reforming." In "Meranti" at night, there is a risk of neonatal birth wind. Ms. Lee in the evening of 14 in Xiangan to visit relatives, because the typhoon had to wreak havoc相关的主题文章: