Message exposure of a man’s wedding dress shop in

A Nanjing man stole the wedding dress shop note information exposed the whereabouts of a man at a wedding dress shop in Dachang into high-end photographic equipment, crazy to steal the value of several million yuan, after committing the crime but also smashed the equipment and computer monitor store. The robber was unexpectedly that no danger of anything going wrong, will write their own identity information note left in the scene, revealing their whereabouts. Recently, the police in Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park cracked the theft of such a wonderful work. Dozens of hours later, the suspect was arrested and the property stolen by the owner was recovered. Note that the information out during the Mid Autumn Festival, September 15th at 8 pm, Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park Branch mountain river police station duty room received the alarm call, stolen a bridal shop photography base, heavy losses. After the alarm, the police investigation found that the wedding photography base shop glass door was smashed with stones, store a plurality of monitoring probe and the computer was smashed, a number of high-end photographic equipment, and placed in the store were stolen, losses more than 5 yuan. The careful police found a crumpled note on the messy scene, and a name was written on the note called Wei. The police immediately followed the name of the note, and found that the Wei had been sentenced for 8 months for theft, just out of prison for more than ten days, and suspected of committing a case. Video surveillance in the way the police locked the suspect the scene at the same time, another way on the scene and the nearby monitoring probe launched tracing the police came the good news, although the suspect will store the camera and computer smashed, but the main components have not been smashed, the suspect after the crime is still preserved intact. There is a clear picture of a criminal suspect in the video. After comparison, it is confirmed that the criminal suspect is one. After determining the identity of the suspect, the police immediately launched the investigation and found that Wei was staying in a hotel in a big factory. The police station of the mountain side has made a careful deployment and made a decisive attack. It will be successfully arrested in the night of September 17th in Wei Mou. The tens of thousands of equipment were given to the Henan people at a low price for two times in prison for the crime of larceny. Ten days ago, was released from prison after the Wei relatives in Nanjing, the economy is very embarrassed, he found understanding in prison before friends. The prison friend immediately lent 1000 yuan to Wei, and was quickly squandered by the Wei. In the early morning of September 15th, Wei wandered in the streets, and found that the door of a wedding shop photography base was made of glass. Wei found a stone the wedding dress shop in the house for a glass door smashed, crazy theft. Ready to leave, suddenly found the store surveillance equipment, so they will store the monitoring probe and computer all smashed. After stealing, I didn’t know how to deal with these photographic equipments. Wei then thought of requissing the kindness of his inmates, so he put the value of 10000 yuan photographic equipment at the price of 2000 yuan to the prison friend. After being informed of this situation, the police quickly recovered the stolen goods. The interrogation, Wei also confessed the early morning of September 15th, at the door of a supermarket smashed a BMW car windshield, attempted stealing car case goods. At present, Wei Mou is detained by the police for theft, the case is being further dealt with.

南京一男子偷婚纱店 字条信息暴露行踪一男子凌晨潜入大厂一家婚纱店内,疯狂盗取价值数万元的高档摄影器材,作案后还砸坏了店里的监控设备和电脑。本以为万无一失,不料笨贼却将写有自己身份信息的字条遗留在了现场,暴露了自己的行踪。近日,南京化工园警方就侦破了这样一宗奇葩的入室盗窃案,几十个小时抓获嫌疑人卫某,并成功追回事主被盗的财物。字条信息让笨贼露马脚中秋节期间,9月15日早上8时许,南京化工园分局山畔派出所值班室接到报警称,一家婚纱店摄影基地被盗,损失较重。接警后,民警勘察发现,婚纱店摄影基地的玻璃门被人用石块砸碎,店内多个监控探头及电脑被砸坏,而放在店中的多个高档摄影器材被盗走,损失5万余元。细心的民警在凌乱的现场发现了一张揉烂的字条,字条上写着一个叫卫某的名字。民警立即对字条上的名字进行追查,发现这个卫某曾因盗窃罪被判刑8个月,刚刚出狱才十几天,有作案嫌疑。视频监控锁定嫌疑人在一路民警对现场进行勘察的同时,另一路对案发现场及附近监控探头展开追查的民警传来好消息,虽然嫌疑人将店内摄像头和电脑砸坏,但主要部件并没有被砸坏,嫌疑人的作案经过依旧被完整地保存了下来。视频里很清楚地有犯罪嫌疑人的身影,经过比对,确认就是犯罪嫌疑人卫某。确定了犯罪嫌疑人身份后,民警立刻展开侦查,发现卫某正在大厂的一家旅馆内入住。山畔派出所民警进行周密部署,果断出击,于9月17日晚将在睡梦中的卫某成功抓捕归案,此时离案发仅仅才过去了几十个小时。上万元器材低价押给狱友卫某是河南人,曾因犯盗窃罪两次入狱。十几天前,出狱后的卫某在南京举目无亲,经济十分窘迫,便找到了之前在狱中认识的朋友。狱友当即借给了卫某1000元钱,很快被卫某挥霍一空。9月15日凌晨,卫某在街头上漫无目地闲逛,发现一家婚纱店摄影基地的门是玻璃制作的,顿时动起了歪心思。卫某找来一块石块将婚纱店玻璃门砸坏,进屋进行疯狂盗窃。准备离开时,突然发现店内有监控设备,于是便将店内的监控探头以及电脑统统都砸坏了。盗窃之后,不知如何处理这些摄影器材,卫某便想到报答狱友的“恩情”,于是将价值上万元的摄影器材以2000元的价格抵押给了这名狱友。获知此情况后,民警迅速将被盗物品成功追回。讯问中,卫某同时还交代了9月15日凌晨,在大厂一家超市门口砸坏一辆宝马汽车前挡风玻璃,盗取车内物品未遂的案件。目前,卫某因盗窃被警方拘留,案件正在进一步办理中。相关的主题文章: