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Millet, a human technology company – Sohu technology Texun November 10th news: Einstein said that although the great scientific, but it can only answer the question of what the world is, as for how should establish the value goal, but outside of its vision and scope of functions. In today’s era, the development of science and technology such as riding a roller coaster, dazzling. However, in the cloud of black technology many floating, if you can not fall into the earth, it can only be called gorgeous, but let the masses become spectators. Don’t say cruel reality, blame the world. Do not you see Alan · Turing’s death, the father of the modern computer, even if the "Turing machine" to crack the password, the Nazi surrender, save tens of millions of people in World War II, but was eventually killed human eyes. One eye with 0 and 1 genius, out of touch with the world, the great but not lasting, with a poisonous apple to die; on the contrary, Jobs was in the science and technology innovation into the human thinking, creating great products, but also to bring the change of life style, to create hundreds of millions of people sought "apple". The same as apple, but there are different meanings. To become a successful company of science and technology, continuous innovation and black technology is important, need more human philosophical virtuoso outside. The world needs to create a "black" technology and genius of the company since twenty-first Century, the world accelerated into the information revolution frenzy, the innovation of science and technology show the high-tech, sophisticated field, high speed information etc.. Whether it is the advent of Jobs and iPhone, Facebook brought about by the social kingdom of, or today’s rapid development of virtual reality and artificial intelligence and other scientific and technological strength, for people to bring one after another exclamation point. The world needs to create a "black science and technology" genius and the company, the leap forward development of science and technology, is driving the transformation of the times. Jobs and his "apple" once in "black technology" shocked the world, and in Chinese, and millet Lei Jun has been walking in the dark to explore the road of science and technology, since the January 2015 release of the first generation of classic design millet Note, first in the world to explore 3D curved glass science and technology innovation and design, millet has won a lot of praise. In the past October 25th, millet released its first ever hyperboloid business flagship mobile phone millet Note 2, for the first time using OLED flexible screen, draw curve design inspiration to give positive curved screen 3D, 3D technology and the back surface, with the perfect curve two soft in the 7 series aluminum fuselage frame period; millet, also released the world’s first full ceramic body full screen concept mobile phone millet MIX, designed by the world Master Philip · stark personally designed, customized fillet cutting screen, in order to meet the "three plane frame" design, the introduction of mobile phone called cantilever pressure technology of piezoelectric ceramic sound guide ". The built-in piezoelectric ceramic drive unit can convert electrical signals into mechanical energy, and then the mobile phone frame and sound resonance. Figure MIX millet mobile phone concept in addition to mobile phones, millet is also spared no effort in the field of smart home. On the occasion of the double eleven, millet smart home brand meters home相关的主题文章: