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"Molestation door" add new material has said Trump was "unspoken rule" original title: "molestation door" explosion of new materials has said Trump was "unspoken rule" Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump’s "molestation door" 22 days to add new material. A porn star day station, said Trump was hugging kissing. She is the eleventh woman accused Trump of misconduct. According to her, Trump also offered $ten thousand to her "intimate contact", but was rejected. According to the playmate statement, Trump resolutely denied. He also said that in the presidential election after the end of each woman framed himself on the court. [material] this then exposed new star Jessica · Drake, aged 42. She held a press conference 22, detailing the details of the media had been violated by Trump. Drake shows a photo of her and Trump. According to her experience, that cannot bear to think of the past happened 10 years ago. At that time, she and two companions during a golf tournament with Trump. Trump suddenly hugged her, "without permission" to kiss her. According to Drake, Trump also to his two companions to do the same thing. However, she did not disclose the names of the two women. At the same time, she said, Trump also proposed "intimate contact" requirements, invited her into his room and accompany him to a party. In return, Trump promised to pay her $ten thousand and agreed to use her own private jet. Drake said he rejected the request of Trump. Drake on the same day in the female lawyer ·, accompanied by the story of the past of the Allred. It is worth mentioning that Allred had helped two other women stand accused Trump’s misconduct. Since Trump’s video exposure, claiming he was molested the "victim" has increased to 11 people. [] this has angrily defamation held a press conference on the same day, Trump’s Gettysburg Pennsylvania speech, elaborated his "hundred days". The Swiss speech was actually a porn star grab headlines, which makes Trump annoyed campaign. Trump’s team said in a statement: "this story is completely false, ridiculous. The picture was taken only by Mr. Trump in accordance with the requirements of his admirers." The statement also wrote that Trump did not know the woman, do not remember this person, and even do not know her interest". This is the opponent, the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary ·, the team behind the scenes of the devil, intended to discredit the popularity of the rising of the of the. Trump himself has resolutely denied on the matter, and said to all the women on the court framed himself. According to him, many of these women are not attractive, it is not worth pursuing. He said: "after the election, I will sue all these liars. I’m looking forward to that day." The Hilary team has denied links with the women, saying the team never encouraged them to stand up. Hilary said: "I only see my opponent Donald &"相关的主题文章: