Monday SMG 004 attack and defense of the dominant red devil Bochum score ajviewer

Monday: SMG 004 attack each dominant red devil Bochum defeat FC Kaiserslautern on Monday 004 VS Bochum 2016-10-25 02:15 Beijing October 25th 02:152016 17 season German Football League tenth round the last game in the German city of Kaiserslautern Fritz · Walter stadium, the Kaiserslautern team will be in the home court against the Bochum team. The home team 1 wins in the last six games 1 flat 4 negative, the 2 wins in the last six games 2 flat 2 negative. A game of Kaiserslautern team made only in this season is currently facing enormous pressure from relegation but show good defense in the last two rounds of the league, the game ushered in the lineup is not the whole but attack ability strong Bochum team, will be unpopular in the home court make full use of a victory to escape the relegation zone. The status of home court operations of the Kaiserslautern team on Tuesday in the morning of the Second Division League away 0 1 lost to Brunswick team leader, in the League encounter losing streak away. The Red Devils team after the opening immediately attacked ferocious opponents and opponents using direct free kick to score in Eighteenth minutes, then although efforts to fight back but always unable to firmly in control of game against threat, eventually away than 0 1 defeat after the match, Kaiserslautern coach Kurt said on good defensive team in the Red Devils. In the face of strong leader made many simple mistakes and fouls in the offensive end and could not put pressure on the opponent. This Monday in Bochum’s home court, Kaiserslautern coach admitted Kurt said the players understand the team to face the situation and need to focus on their performance, good defensive team red devil must seize the opportunity to see the attack and show courage, all the force to move forward with a victory target. From the injury situation, came right back Mujdza, the main attacking midfielder D. Halfar, K. P Qibierke is the backup center for rehabilitation, the main attacking midfielder Zu Hain injured, the main attacking midfielder played S. injury Cockayne into doubt, other players can play. The status of the Bochum team away from home in the last round of the Second Division League home court 2 2 draw with Sander Haosen team in the league in consecutive rounds unbeaten. The Bochum team after the opening match and launch the attack and in thirtieth minutes for a defensive mistake to throw a ball, then the counter is not able to grasp the opportunity and started to throw a ball in the second half, and in two minutes into two equaliser after did not seize the opportunity to win the game, the final 2 home court 2 draw with rivals, the Bochum team coach Welbeck said after the game in the first half did not show aggressive and passes over the Bochum team in the second half with the tenacious fighting spirit to restore the lost and gain confidence. This Monday away Kaiserslautern team, the Bochum team coach Welbeck said in a recent match and still in frequent adjustment but full of fighting spirit, this is the opportunity is also a threat to the Bochum team, the game will be a very intense game. From the team point of view, the bench left back Ben Dos Ki, half rightback Jim Ella rightback Stefano celozzi, the main defender Fabian, the main.相关的主题文章: