Moral kidnapping is essentially a kind of moral conflict

"Moral kidnapping" is actually a kind of moral conflict, the   these days Wang Zhong, entitled "aunt, I’m sorry, I can’t give you a seat" video fire, this video consists of several small fragments together, shouted "reject moral kidnapping" slogan. In the video "the most annoying that people drink wine culture" and "the most afraid of forcing me to the seat of the" aunt "regardless of the child’s parents are most afraid of the bear" plot, because in life many people have experienced, so caused a lot of sympathy. A lot of people on the moral kidnapping of hate, but what is moral kidnapping? Morality is the representative of the public order and good customs, but also to express the people’s yearning for good sentiment, why do the "kidnapping" of this evil? In the discussion of morality, people often divide morality into many dimensions. For example, the social morality and private morality, must adhere to the ethics and morality has only advocate. No matter how the moral division, people’s moral ruler is vague. Different times, different situations have different morals. In the bus seat to the elderly, the elderly eyes must adhere to morality, and in the eyes of young people may be to advocate the moral, the so-called "seat is mutual affection, not a duty". It is precisely because the moral yardstick is vague, different people use different moral. A group at a certain kind of moral, another group might feel that they were "kidnapped". Another characteristic of moral kidnapping is the violation of public domain moral rights to private domain. Morality often requires people to transfer certain rights, but this kind of transfer must be voluntary and non coercive. Moral kidnapping, often under the banner of moral rights violations, but also accompanied by labeling behavior, such as frequently asked young people have feelings of the people how to. Moral claim should be based on the respect of rights, can not be deprived of the rights of a person’s moral rights, but also can not use labels to force a person to give up rights. In the society ruled by law, the function of moral stability of social order has declined. Rigid law replaces the role of morality. The law pays attention to the procedure and the technical nature, is not an authority formulation and the implementation, conforms to the modern society the demand. People’s communication has also experienced a change from acquaintance society to stranger society, and the law is also more binding than morality to strangers. The population migration also weakened the moral power, a young man today is still the city bus, tomorrow may be moved to another city, "Acquaintances" almost no binding on him, he will feel as long as you can follow the legal bottom line. Of course, this is not to say that society does not need the moral, but the social standards of moral pluralism. Moral kidnapping is essentially a moral conflict. Both sides agree that morality is binding, but I do not agree with the moral you put forward, why should I be your moral constraints? Moreover, there are disputes can be constrained space of morality, private morality and morality is in the range of expansion and compression in the fierce conflict. For example, for the seat of behavior on the bus, what is the public or private morality, it happened a lot of controversy. In modern society, morality is no longer able to solve all the problems..相关的主题文章: