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"Mrs. Yan Ni endorsement" long live broadcasting down to earth woman – "long live" broadcast entertainment Sohu Mrs. Yan Ni speak down to earth woman   Sohu entertainment news (Wen Xiaotuo) director Shen Yan, director Liu Haibo, Yan Ni, Xu Yajun, Morni Chang, Ziqi Zhao starred in the TV drama "Mrs." long live tonight (8 days) launched in Anhui, Tianjin satellite TV, simultaneously broadcast video Sohu. After school, the screen back to the emotional drama of the world, women’s emotional story once again occupy the screen. "Mrs. Long live" focuses on three different forms of Chinese wife, for the wife to speak, shouting at the same time is also exploring the marriage, career, life outlook. Yan Ni played down to earth woman image, not representative, let see the Facebook type career success female audience, has found "self" feeling. One of the three women play a bucket for Mrs. endorsement "long live the wife" tells the story of three different marriages are. In recent years, the city emotional drama, like the three men and women with the different age, identity, values, so that more viewers to find resonance at the same time, more than three. Wide net after the story of the conflict can not focus on a female main body, the every cupboard, can have the "wonderful", on the other hand, although the marital conflicts, marital infidelity, family and career choice in marriage everyone has family the way can be diversified. Yan Ni is the representative of the women’s career success, for the family once chose to give up career, do women, the family does not solve the problem, but found her husband derailed, process out of the family, returning to work, but also her back to the process of self, and in the process, to restore a happy family. Ziqi Zhao plays a high IQ EQ of women, the thought of such women will ease in the workplace and life, but she was determined to return to the family, enjoy doing a full-time wife, her life contradiction is mainly to the birth of a child, husband and daughter. These third women, is the troubled "daughter", after a 20 year old rebel girl, only to find the flash marriage, marriage and love is not the same thing. China TV series women, all the responsibility of the warriors in the ancient palace bucket is horrifying, hundreds of small life insurance; in modern times, not married to the parents and the bucket, married first and mother-in-law, again and again, with husband and mistress fighting children fight, a class keep and colleagues, bosses, customers, competitors fight. Finally, there is a drama, shouting "long live wife" put up a pageantry, although not the main belt out several female suffering reality, but to cheer for a small part of the women’s ordinary and inspirational story, is it the Tishi gas, three. From the exposure of the trailers, the drama "emotional conflict" is still fierce, but relaxed and humorous details of life, experience and Yan Ni plays the female lead of struggle, is the show’s main attraction. Three couples three emotional director Shen Yan tells Chinese marriage "long live the wife" story, the characters are not routine too, but in the choice of actors are special. Yan Ni plays.相关的主题文章: