Mrs. Yan Ni long live on thin 30 pounds to challenge the perfect wife (video)-isobuster

"Mrs. Yan Ni" long live on thin 30 pounds to challenge a perfect wife "long live the wife" trailers incarnation of Yan Ni the perfect wife little meat many don’t Tencent entertainment news by Yan Ni, Xu Yajun, Ziqi Zhao, Morni Chang starring "Mrs." long live tonight (September 8th) in Anhui satellite TV broadcast nationwide. Drama, Yan Ni in the face of the family or career, the dilemma of choice, decisively said, want to". And in order to play the perfect wife challenge, she is 127 pounds from the direct slimming to 100 pounds. Yan Ni and Mrs. Ziqi Zhao to challenge the Anhui satellite TV "long live" bestie wife tells the story happened in the three groups of different classes, different life forms, and has its own representative marriage and family affection, love, friendship story. Among them, Yan Ni plays the female Ye Shuxin are the cause of this type of women because of rash and too much in haste, the contradiction between career and family, between husband and wife launched a tangle of wasted itch. In order to play this role, Yan Ni is 127 pounds from the direct slimming to 100 pounds, the challenge of the perfect wife. For a long time did not touch the comedy Yan Ni revealed himself in the "long live the wife" has become a comedy play, the majority of the story of the plot and comedy. The play, Ziqi Zhao played the Lanshan Yan Ni bestie, is different, Lanshan is one quite a full-time wife. In the face of diamond Bachelor Chujie pursuit, she readily quit his job, get married. Between the two bestie will produce what kind of spark? Shen Yan re guided family focused on women’s emotional marriage, "long live the wife" by Shen Yan, Liu Haibo, director of the two joint. Shen Yan "Chinese borrow Virgo Style Divorce" before the explosion of red, and Shen Yan, Liu Haibo’s "freaky story" (Opera) in Anhui TV ratings bursting. The creation of the "long live the wife," Shen Yan, Liu Haibo two directors for the first time to focus on the attention of the urban family women. Shen Yan said, "the emotional heart, humor go kidney" love line, Anhui satellite TV, "long live the wife" through humor and comedy to shoot real marriage. It is understood that the Anhui satellite TV "long live" Mrs. focus on marriage and emotional problems of contemporary urban women’s true will, midlife crisis, pregnancy, abortion, child itch, flash from the flash marriage, lost children and other social problems together, reflect the social phenomenon, and give the audience with deep thinking. What "long live" wife will bring us what kind of hilarious and touching? Please lock Anhui TV at 7:30 every night.相关的主题文章: