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"Na Ying will sing" masked off the yaoezi Mami into many sister bold confession – Sohu   entertainment; guess jury Sohu entertainment news 20:30 Sunday night, Jiangsu satellite TV will sing "masked guess" in new digital sing will rock concert, Na Ying, Selina rushed buildup, guess jury composed of the strongest lineup, full of surprise! Look funny "Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon" seconds away, provoke guess jury collective molested installed, you continue to pack!" "The king asked me to Xunshan;" against the most exaggerated mask has led Mami let guess jury collective ""! This week the big "strong complement", will undoubtedly be a music to play the songs sung in the extreme diversity, gluttonous feast. The vast beauty will sing "the yaoezi identity" ready? Na Ying that "the little prince" is so charming on the "masked" will sing in the show, singing "I’m not what yaoezi" with its beautiful shape stunning the audience, the intoxicating vocals is masked to the stage change unpredictably adds a mysterious, Ella called "fairy"! There’s also a woman, voice is also just soft as well, who is she really? The problem of psychedelic "moth" to guess the jury and the audience of the hitherto unknown. Once the program aired, netizens began a lively discussion, "eyes, married with children a happy family, Julia Peng is undoubtedly", feel the quiet for a long time, the strength of female singers, Yang Yuying and Yue Sun have also been mentioned, even has been behind the scenes work rarely appeared Ye Bei has also been included in the "the yaoezi" candidates. With doubt, this week, "I am not what yaoezi" and "the fairy tale is not a lie" the little prince sang together "my heart is really hurt", so the prince and Princess collocation interpretation, can not help but guess jury shouted together, even rarely boast Wowkie Zhang also zhikua: "she has too much!" Eric Moo and Na Ying is completely crazy, Eric Moo again "confession" moth: "too beautiful, men will have to talk about the feeling of love!" Na Ying is the embodiment of the little prince, the fans sister, affectionately said ". However, when facing the singer’s hidden guards guess jury lineup is always defeated, the arrival of Na Ying let "yaoezi" cold sweat "again and again, even though she kept in disguise, but I know who she is" Na Ying released rhetoric, attracted "yaoezi" quickly transfer topic: seeking to let go "the elder sister, I respect you, I hope to cooperate with you." Who can be found on the spot, who can really stumped guess jury? The most shocking mask: "Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon jury found a second guess" collective "you continue to pack this year with" guess "masked to sing on the stage of the mask can be described as Taylor," Panda "this cute adorable sell," sister Afanda "and this week coming personal independence of conduct. The singer" Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon "mask called the thunder" history, dozens of pairs of powder and green color gloves is composed of a mask, but staggering "this is why?" Not from the mask shock return to God, "Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon" opening, guess rating!相关的主题文章: