Nanjing wild Southern Rock Carvings some live single – some soaked in Beijing

Nanjing wild Southern Rock Carvings: some live "single" some new network water – in Jinling Evening News reporter Yu Feng last week, at least 1500 years a dynasty Bixie stolen lion of Qixia dam, a heartache. Nanjing is the capital of Six Dynasties, still holds about 20 of the Southern Dynasty stone, and most have been classified as "national key cultural relics protection units". Reporters learned that most of these Southern rock carvings remained at the site, Da Nofu. How will the preservation of stone, like a lion dam that may have stolen evil, fate? Jinling Evening News reporter recently made a comprehensive visit. Most of the stone is closely guarded folk heritage lovers, "the theme of Nanjing" website founder Shao Shihai told reporters that the current Nanjing Southern tomb stone a total of more than and 20, including the lion dam stolen lost tomb, admitted to 19, remains at the site, distribution in Qixia and Jiangning. In addition, there are a few pieces of evil stone collection diaspora Museum in Nanjing Museum, the museum and the District of Jiangning. Recently, the reporter conducted a survey of Qixia, Jiangning two district 19 office site preservation of the Southern rock carvings, protection of comb. Reporters saw most of Southern rock carvings built around the Stone Park, stone artifacts are put into a glass pavilion in the protection of the body, are arranged near the probe. Enjoy such treatment of stone, including Liang Guiyang Jane Wang Qixia District, Liang Shixing Wu Zhong Xiao Rong stone tomb stone, Liang Xiao? Wu Pingzhong Hou Xiaojing stone etc.. A few have not set up monitoring "mentioned, is pretty good in the stone, but there are a few worrying situation!" Shao Shihai said. Located in Qixia Dong Jia Bian Liang Xinyu Hou Xiao wide? Only a tombstone engraved stone pillars, around the pillars outside the demolition, built a red brick house with stone soaked in water; Jiangning Chunhua Song Shu loss test tomb pillars, a long soak in the pool, there is no monitoring probe around. In contrast, the village is located in Jiangning Kirin street, the village after the loss of the examination of the tomb stone, the preservation of the most worrying situation. Yesterday morning, reporters came here, asked a number of villagers, to find this place the stone in a cornfield. Shao Shihai said, "after the village lost on the tomb stone of the Southern Dynasties" is a Chinese, the monument has been lost, should be a southern princes and lords in front of the tomb monument. Base seat and head before and after the biped is missing, the residual column is about two meters long, 1.3 meters wide, 0.66 meters high, base seat back center has a rectangular mortise, used to insert the tablet, its texture is limestone, and the tomb of Xiao Hong, Xiao tomb tombstone show similar base. The reporter understands, "after the village lost on the tomb stone of the Southern Dynasties" although there are 1500 years of history, has not yet received any cultural relics protection level, the scene no monitoring probe set. Will the probe to strengthen inspections in addition to the lion dam missing test tomb, currently in the field Nanjing Southern rock carvings and 18, most already enjoy "moved into the room, the monitoring system" treatment, a few remaining, when we can get more effective protection? Jiangning cultural radio and television bureau.相关的主题文章: