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Nanning woman rider kick case: suspect because Involving Robbery prosecutors arrested news review: Nanning woman was kicked off the motor vehicle seriously injured was branded as a mistress Nanning woman rider kick case cracked suspects arrested for drunken anger may not Nanning woman rider kick case: the motive for "robbery" revenge Jun October 8th morning learned that the "9· 15" woman was kicked suspect Zhuo Hai, Nanning Jiangnan District People’s Procuratorate has been arrested, suspected of robbery crime. This incident has caused widespread concern netizens, you have also been reported in the post. Ms. kick. Surveillance video screenshot Zhuo sea justice after the confession, he drank some wine in the evening of September 15th, the victim had a kick down, want to grab her bag. Zhuo sea motorcycle Zengmou to the side, right foot out will have to kick down to the ground, after Zhuo sea traveling 2 meters away from the sidelines, saw the crowd of passers-by not to pack, then drove away from the scene. After identification, the victim has a certain degree of injury was seriously injured two. September 22nd morning, Nanning City Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation branch of three police brigade in the District five as a construction site dormitory Zhuo sea day arrested on suspicion of intentional assault on the criminal detention. In September 30th, Jiangnan District Procuratorate on suspicion of robbery and the arrest. At present, the victim Ms. recovering well, she was able to walk.

南宁女子骑车被踹案:嫌犯因涉抢劫罪被检方批捕   新闻回顾:   南宁女子被踹下电动车受重伤 竟被人污蔑为小三   南宁女子骑车被踹案告破嫌犯落网 未必因酒后泄愤   南宁女子骑车被踹案:作案动机为“抢劫未遂”报复   早报君10月8日获悉,“9·15”女子被踹案嫌犯卓某海,已被南宁江南区人民检察院批捕,涉嫌罪名是抢劫罪。该事件曾引发网友广泛关注,早报君对此也进行过报道。 曾女士被踹。监控视频截图   卓某海归案后供述,9月15日傍晚他喝了一些酒,将受害人曾某踹倒,是想抢她的挎包。卓某海驾驶摩托车追到曾某的身旁,伸出右脚将曾踹倒在地,后卓某海行驶出2米的距离观望,看见路人围观无法上前拿包,便驾车离开现场。经鉴定,受害人曾某的损伤程度为重伤二级。   9月22日凌晨,南宁市公安局江南分局刑侦三大队民警在五象新区一建筑工地宿舍将卓某海抓获,当日以涉嫌故意伤害罪对其刑事拘留。9月30日,江南区检察院以涉嫌抢劫罪对其批捕。   目前,受害者曾女士康复情况良好,她已可以下床走动。相关的主题文章: