National examination from the enrollment plan to recruit 27 thousand people accounted for 6 of the t-running man 20130908

In the exam tomorrow enrollment plan to recruit the number of 27 thousand people accounted for 6 of the tax system into the Beijing News Department, the Ministry of human resources and the National Civil Service Bureau yesterday released the 2017 national examination announcement, more than and 120 central organs and institutions directly under the units and the management of the civil service law in recruiting, a total of 15589 jobs, 27061 people recruiting plan. Registration time is 8 to October 15th, 24 to 18. The expansion of the national examination staff recruiting proportion, targeted recruiting 4 kind of basic level service personnel, which focus on recruiting service to the expiration of the college-graduate village official. Targeted recruiting 4 kind of basic level service personnel in 2017 national test change is the largest expansion of grassroots recruiting service personnel recruiting proportion. Notice clearly, the central authorities and the provincial institutions directly under some special positions and professional positions, the main recruiting has more than 2 years working experience at the grass-roots level of personnel. The central organs directly under the city (to) level jobs, county (District) level and the following positions (including the civil service law and institutions management) took about 15% of the program targeted recruiting grassroots service personnel, which was 5% higher than last year. Notice clear, targeted recruiting primary service including the service expires examination of qualified college-graduate village official, "three help" plan, "rural compulsory education school teachers ad hoc jobs plan, GWP grassroots project personnel and other services. Among them, the focus of the expansion of the service period of college student village official. "Civil servants directly face the masses, many things, the most complicated contradictions, to sharpen the will of the people, can exercise the ability of people." Public education in specialized research expert Lu Jingfei test in that country take to the grass-roots service personnel, especially college-graduate village official more opportunities, this is to encourage college graduates to join the grassroots, the accumulation of experience, for the country to contribute to better. The tax system representing the number of 60% in addition to targeted recruiting grassroots service personnel, the national test most of recruiting plans are put in the county (District) level and below, to meet the demand for the basic. This time, the central authorities Zhaolu 1537 people, provincial (including sub provincial) level 912 recruiting agencies; the two accounted for the proportion of the total number of less than 10%. While the county (District) level and below planned recruiting 21268 people, accounting for 79% of the total number. As the calendar year Zhaolu large tax system, the recruiting positions 9455, 17476 people, accounting for 60.65% of total job recruiting, recruiting number 64.58%. In addition, the national examination of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the securities and Futures Commission special professional positions and the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Commerce and other departments of the 8 non universal language positions, as well as the public security organs of the people’s police positions to implement 2+X examination mode. In addition to the administration occupation ability test, on two subjects in public examinations, candidates need to attend unified professional course exam or foreign language proficiency test. – Tips – Registration (October 15th 8 to 24, 18) candidates can log KaoLu project website (Wu Wei相关的主题文章: