National Internet Financial Security Technical Committee established –it– people’s network aizi

The establishment of –IT– Beijing on 26 August, the national Internet banking security technology expert committee (Yi Xiao) this afternoon, the Ministry of industry and information technology under the guidance, sponsored by the national Internet Emergency Center and Internet association Chinese "National Internet financial security technology expert committee meeting held in Beijing. The leadership of the Ministry of public security, the people’s Bank of Chinese, State Administration for Industry and commerce, the CBRC, CSRC and CIRC and other relevant ministries, the Academy of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, people’s Congress and other industry renowned experts and scholars, banking, insurance, securities and other traditional financial enterprises responsible for the relevant personnel, network lending, to raise the public Internet, Internet payment, virtual the money companies such as committee members invited to participate in the inaugural meeting. Zhang Feng, chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology attended the meeting and delivered a speech. General Assembly elected deputy director of the national information technology expert advisory committee Zhou Hongren served as director of special committees, the vice chairman of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee Wu Xiaoling, former State Intellectual Property Bureau deputy director Gao Lulin. And the establishment of the Secretariat, responsible for the daily work of the special committee. Secretariat is located in the national Internet Emergency center. The meeting, director Huang Chengqing sponsored by the national Internet emergency center introduces the purposes and functions of the committee. Special committee to unite the wisdom of industry experts, listen to each other a gold industry voice; play center technical advantages, the use of Internet plus thinking; Study on mutual gold safety technology, maintenance fund industry safety; to promote the sharing of resources, mutual promote mutual gold gold industry development "for the purpose, to the" financial security risk of country, National Internet think-tank the financial security of the Internet technology exchange platform "function, bringing together industry experts, mining technology value, play technology, on the one hand for the mutual gold industry regulation to provide strong technical support, on the other hand, the development of the industry for mutual gold to provide security support. National Internet Emergency Center as the network information security team, willing to play to the advantages of technology, the Internet financial cooperation with the relevant departments and enterprises, to jointly promote the safety technology, promote the development of industry standards, the national "Internet plus" development strategy. At the meeting, the first introduction of the national Internet Emergency Center Construction of the national Internet financial risk analysis technology platform pilot system. Entrusted by the State Construction of the system, from the national Internet Emergency Center existing technology and data resources, to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic and monitoring business on the Internet financial anomalies and irregularities, with the disposal of group events. The meeting for the first time disclosed from the system during the trial operation monitoring data: as of August 26th, the Internet financial platform of Internet financial platform were found in 8490, 618 million active users of Internet banking; Internet banking platform exists abnormal 3398, warning the 118 high-risk sites; to find Internet banking websites and app 1877 vulnerabilities 425 thousand and 700, attack. Since the construction of the Internet financial technology platform, has achieved some success, the success of the e speed loan, emblem financing and other manufacturers for the first time an early warning, a strong support for the relevant regulatory authorities. At the meeting, in order to encourage enterprises to actively access the system to support the construction of the system, the active support system相关的主题文章: